Are Anna Kendrick and Ben Richardson still together?

Kendrick and Richardson keep their romance private for the sake of their careers, although they’ve been seeing one other for a long time.

How old is Anna Kendrick now?

36 years (August 9, 1985)Anna Kendrick / Age

Why is Anna Kendrick famous?

Tony-nominated actress Anna Kendrick is known for starring in the ‘Pitch Perfect’ movie franchise, as well as her roles in ‘Up in the Air,’ ‘A Simple Favor’ and ‘Twilight. ‘

Is Anna Kendrick a vegan?

Anna Kendrick no longer follows a vegan diet. The Pitch Perfect star enjoyed a plant-based diet for almost two years, but has said she fell off the wagon super hard and slipped back into old habits, especially when it came to dairy products.

Does Anna Kendrick have a child?

Kendrick doesn’t want to be a mother. She is on record on the matter, stating in her new memoir, Scrappy Little Nobody: “I will always feel children aren’t for me.”

Why is Anna Kendrick so likeable?

The 30-year-old actress is honest, down-to-earth, and extremely likable. Maybe it’s her own self-deprecating nature, or her fearlessness in calling people out on their ridiculousness, but Kendrick comes off as one of the more relatable A-list celebrities running Hollywood today.

What is Anna Kendrick’s favorite food?

Anna Kendrick’s favorite food is mac and cheese Recently, Kendrick opened up to Shape about her favorite foods, admitting that “my favorite food is macaroni and cheese. Carbs and dairy—that’s the kind of life I’m all about.

Is Anna Kendrick in Lord of the Rings?

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Why is Anna Kendrick so cool?

What is the favorite color of Anna Kendrick?

Favourites and Preferences

Anna Kendrick’s Favourite Colour Sweet Brown, Bud green
Favourite Musician
Favourite Singer(s)
Favourite Song(s)
Favourite Sport(s) Ice Hockey