Are bees Endangered IUCN?

North America has over 4,400 species of bees that pollinate wildflowers and food crops alongside other pollinators. Of these, 28% of bumble bee species are in the IUCN Threatened Category while 50% of leafcutter and 27% mason bee species are classified as “at risk”.

Is the Amur leopard on the IUCN Red List?

IUCN Red List of Threatened species information. As of a 2016 study, the amur leopard has been classified as Critically Endangered. The loss of habitat, hunting, the fragmentation of the population of adults has led to the decline of this subspecies of leopard.

Are Axolotls on the red list?

Conservation Status Despite being abundant in captivity, axolotls are considered critically endangered by the IUCN Red List.

Where are pandas on the red list?

The giant panda is no longer considered an endangered species, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Instead, their slow growth in numbers means they are now considered “vulnerable.”

Are honey bees endangered?

Not extinctHoney bee / Extinction status

Are bees on the red list?

The status of bees was assessed at two regional levels: geographical Europe and the EU 27. 9.2% and 9.1% of the species are considered threatened at the European and EU 27 levels, respectively.

How many Amur leopards left 2021?

about 110 individuals
In 2021, it was reported the population was about 110 individuals. Results of genetic research indicate that the Amur leopard is genetically close to leopards in northern China and Korea, suggesting that the leopard population in this region became fragmented in the early 20th century.

Is an axolotl a Pokemon?

Though the axolotl looks more like Wooper (the Water/Ground-type Pokémon who was actually inspired by it), this self-regenerating salamander can undergo its own Eevee-lution. You don’t need a Pokéball to catch one, but something else about the axolotl has had scientists in gotta-catch-’em-all mode: its genes.