Are Comfortmaker AC units good?

Offering one of the best warranty coverages available with a vast range of options depending on your budget, ComfortMaker is an effective mid-range option for a new air conditioner. Many of their units are ENERGY STAR® certified and achieve impressive SEER ratings to guarantee cost-effective performance.

Is Comfortmaker reliable?

Many of ComfortMaker’s top-of-the-line units are ENERGY STAR certified and can boast AFUE efficiency ratings of over 95 percent. In addition to its selection of quality products, the brand advertises one of the most comprehensive warranty coverages.

Which is better Comfortmaker or Carrier?

Both Carrier and Comfortmaker offer efficient HVAC units. They have a high seasonal energy-efficiency ratio (SEER), which ensures little or no electrical energy is wasted during their operation. Both brands also have AC units that operate quietly. Comfortmaker advertises its AC units to be durable, but Carrier doesn’t.

Does Carrier make Comfortmaker air conditioners?

ICP’s unitary product lines include Arcoaire, Airquest, Comfortmaker, Heil, and Tempstar. Carrier brands include Bryant, Carrier, Day & Night, Payne, and WeatherMaker.

Are Comfortmaker and Carrier the same?

Does Carrier make Comfortmaker furnace?

UTC owns Carrier and Bryant Those two brands make very similar furnace lineups. International Comfort Products (ICP) makes Comfortmaker and Tempstar. It also makes Heil, Keeprite, Arcoaire and Day & Night.

Is carrier and Comfortmaker the same?

How much is a Comfortmaker furnace?

$2,900 to $6,000
The average price range for Comfortmaker furnaces is $2,900 to $6,000, including installation. A two-ton Comfortmaker heat pump costs around $2,400 for the unit alone.

Is Comfort Air made by Carrier?

International Comfort Products Corporation (ICP) is a company that designs, manufactures and markets central air conditioning (HVAC) systems and gas and oil furnaces for use in homes and commercial buildings….International Comfort Products.

Type Subsidiary
Parent Carrier

Is Comfortmaker SoftSound deluxe CCA7 a good brand?

Comfortmaker’s SoftSound Deluxe CCA7 is one of their only two premium-tier air conditioners. This model has a more advanced two-stage compressor for better temperature and humidity control, a high-efficiency rating, and delivers superior cooling capabilities.

What is the quietest Comfortmaker sound system?

The SoftSoundⓇ Deluxe series represents the quietest and efficient models that ComfortMaker has to offer. With superior SEER ratings of up to 19, these units guarantee a cost-effective, energy-saving performance that will provide great comfort in warm weather.

Is Comfortmaker a good brand?

Comfortmaker is technically an off-brand solution, but they are off-branded by some of the best names in the industry. No matter what it says on the nameplate, the working parts are of decent quality, high SEER values, and an industry-average warranty.

Are Comfortmaker ACS any good?

While Comfortmaker ACs may not be the best, longest-lasting, or quietest systems out there, they do the job well and for an affordable price. My name is Josh and I am obsessed with the HVAC industry.