Are Freejump stirrups worth the money?

In our conclusion Freejump Soft’Up Pro Stirrups are worth the money. Riders report, a more comfortable riding position, and feel safer knowing that the foot has the best chance of releasing in the event of a fall. Available for both Adult and younger riders.

Do Freejump stirrups break?

“It was disappointing, but sadly these accidents happen, things break,” Henrik told H&H. “The amount of impact the stirrups get at this level of usage means we need to change them — the new model is made stronger and safer, but still we need to change them from time to time.

How do Freejump stirrups work?

These tools either feature a way for your foot to slip out easily in the event of a fall or a mechanism that breaks or bends with the rider’s weight, allowing them to slip free. Freejump safety stirrups feature a flexible side that frees your foot during a fall. (Click to see on Amazon.)

What are Freejump stirrups?

Freejump stirrups are designed to place your feet in the optimum position when riding, and also provide quick release. The latest innovation in stirrup design in the equestrian world, Freejump stirrups are designed to place your feet in the optimum position when riding.

Can you use Freejump stirrups for dressage?

Freejump Soft’Up Pro and Soft’Up Classic stirrups are increasingly used in dressage up to the Grand Prix level. The single branch technology, the wide carbon tread and the good grip bring comfort and new sensations for dressage riders.

Are Peacock stirrups safe?

Peacock stirrups – characterised by the rubber band on the outside of the stirrup, these are the most traditional of safety stirrups. They are only recommended for children.

Are flexible stirrups safer?

Foot Free Safety Stirrup Irons….Which stirrups are the safest?

Safety Level Stirrup Type Examples
Quite safe Stirrups with an opening or break away mechanism Freejump, Peacock
Less safe Stirrups with flexible joint arms or bent arm Sprenger Bow Balance, Equiroyal
Not safe Traditional, closed stirrups various

Are Freejump stirrups dressage legal?

In dressage, you can use any stirrups that don’t aid you in a specific way. For instance, as per FEI dressage regulations, magnetic safety stirrups are not allowed. However, you can use other kinds of quick release stirrups, such as Freejump stirrups, curved side stirrups, covered toe stirrups and so on.

How do you store English stirrups?

The best thing you can go for your stirrups is to get stirrup covers. They are small bags (usually made of cotton) and they pull over your stirrups, protecting the stirrup and the saddle. All you need to do is to pull them on after your ride before you put your saddle cover on.