Are headers illegal in soccer?

The heading of the ball was banned in the US, for children aged 10 and under, after a lawsuit was filed against the US Soccer Federation by a group of concerned parents and players. Some within the game believe the US were safeguard pioneers, leading the way after some worrying research around concussions.

Are headers illegal in youth soccer?

In a press release earlier this week, the United States Soccer Federation announced a ban on headers for children ages 10 and under and a limit on the same practice for children ages 11 through 13.

At what age can soccer players do headers?

According to the mandate, players 10 years old or younger cannot be taught the skill of heading and cannot intentionally head the ball in a competitive game. Players who are 11 and 12 years old can receive heading instruction in training, but training the technique is limited to 30 minutes per week.

Can high school soccer players do headers?

Players 11 to 13 are allowed to head the ball in games but are limited to no more than 30 minutes of practice time heading the ball and no more than 15 to 20 headers during that time each week.

What age can kids do headers?


UNDER 11 YEARS OLD No heading allowed. Coaches are not allowed to teach heading techniques.
11-13 YEARS OLD Players have to limit the total number of headers to between 15 and 20 per week. Practice heading can not be done for more than 30 minutes each week.

Are headers banned?

First-ever football match with heading banned set to take place later this month. Football’s first match with heading banned will take place later this month as ex-pros tackle dementia. Headers have been linked to dementia, and Premier League clubs have taken the step to limit the number of headers per week in training …

How common is heading in soccer?

“Heading generally accounts for approximately 30% of soccer concussions across sexes and in high school and middle school players,” according to the research team. The remaining 70% of concussions occur during other activities, such as defending, goal tending or chasing loose balls.

Can 11 year olds head the ball in soccer?

Kids that are 10 years old or younger are no longer allowed to head the soccer ball in either games or during practice. Also, 11-13 year olds can only head the ball as follows. This age group of soccer players can only average a few headers per day and do no more than 30 minutes of practice heading each week.

Is heading in soccer Safe?

Heading is considered to be an essential soccer skill. But the impact of heading presents a risk of head and brain injury. Some injuries are severe enough to cause problems immediately or after a few seasons. However, it’s also possible to slowly develop symptoms after repeated smaller injuries.

How many Gs is heading a soccer ball?

Research shows that G-forces of soccer headers are often low accelerations – about 15 to 25 G’s. In most cases, this is not enough force to cause a concussion in teenage or adult soccer players. A recent study found that less than 10% of concussions in high school soccer were caused by ball contact with the head.

What is the United States soccer federation?

The non-profit organization is a member of the worldwide soccer body FIFA and the North American soccer body CONCACAF, and also has a relationship with the U.S. Olympic Committee and the International Olympic Committee. The federation convenes an annual meeting, usually held in February.

Are headers allowed in soccer for kids?

In a press release earlier this week, the United States Soccer Federation announced a ban on headers for children ages 10 and under and a limit on the same practice for children ages 11 through 13.

Who is in charge of soccer in the US?

U.S. Soccer is governed by a board of directors that administers the affairs of U.S. Soccer. Individuals in key leadership positions include: U.S. Soccer members comprise individuals and affiliate organizations. The national council is the representative membership body of the federation.

Who was elected to the US Soccer Federation Board of directors?

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