Are Kindred sinks made in Canada?

Midland-manufactured kitchen products expand to U.S. market this month. The Franke Kindred Canada factory in Midland is expanding its business in Canada and the United States with both residential and commercial products.

Is Kindred made by Franke?

Franke also owns the brand name Kindred and all its manufacturing facilities – when they were a separate company, they also primarily made sinks.

How do you clean a kindred granite sink?

For regular cleaning of your Kindred Granite sink, simply rinse with clean soapy dishwater and scrub lightly with a soft nylon brush. Rinse thoroughly and towel dry and you are done! Please do NOT use abrasive agents, bleach or drain cleaner in your sink, as they are not required and will most certainly damage it.

Where is Kindred sink made?

If you have a stainless steel sink in your kitchen, there’s a good chance it was made at Franke Kindred in Midland.

Where are Blanco sinks made?

SILGRANIT sinks are heat, scratch and stain resistant and are proudly made in Canada at our manufacturing facility in Toronto, Ontario.

How do you clean a kindred stainless steel sink?

Use soap, warm water and sponge. Rinse thoroughly and wipe dry. To Remove Stubborn Stains BonAmi, BarKeeper’s Friend or similar products are helpful in removing tough stains. Always rub in the direction of the grain, rinse thoroughly, and wipe dry.

Where is Kindred from?

Louisville, Kentucky
Kindred Healthcare

Type Private
Industry Healthcare
Founded 1985 in Louisville, Kentucky, United States
Headquarters Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Area served United States

Are granite sinks better than stainless?

Each has its distinct advantages and disadvantages. Granite is less prone to damage and makes less noise than stainless steel; stainless steel is easier to maintain and less expensive than granite, but doesn’t offer the color options or durability of stone.

Can I use magic eraser on granite composite sink?

Magic Erasers are abrasive, so avoid using them on delicate countertops such as marble and granite. Not only can you damage the sealant but the eraser may make the countertop appear dull. All of these cleaning products can cause more harm than good.

Are BLANCO granite sinks good?

The granite doesn’t only make this sink incredibly durable, but it also protects it from other damages that might jeopardize the sink’s aesthetics. As a result, this sink is the best overall choice of Blanco sinks for the kitchen.

Where is Franke sinks made?

For customers requesting that special extra in refinement and detail, Franke as a Swiss heritage company has put together a collection of sinks and accessories, which are carefully designed and crafted in Switzerland.

Why kindred granite sinks?

Smooth and easy to clean, Kindred Granite is solid throughout for a quiet sink. Kindred Granite comes in five nature inspired colors, which when paired with a color matched Kindred faucet are just plain gorgeuous! Keeping your Kindred Granite sink perfect is easy!

What is the kindred collection of sinks?

The Kindred Collection includes three distinct lines of sinks, each bearing the Kindred Crown. Handcrafted with 18 gauge stainless steel, the Apron Front, Undermount and Dualmount sinks are built to perform and designed to last.

Is kindred granite hard to clean?

Molded of tough, hard-wearing and easy-to-clean materials, granite is scratch, impact and thermal shock resistant. Kindred Granite also boasts Sanitized® Silver compounds built into the granite material, for a hygienic surface even between cleanings.

How many colors does kindred granite come in?

Kindred Granite comes in five nature inspired colors, which when paired with a color matched Kindred faucet are just plain gorgeuous! Keeping your Kindred Granite sink perfect is easy!