Are Motobecane bikes worth it?

It’s not explosive under hard pedaling, and if that sensation of stiffness and immediate power transfer is important to you then an aluminum bike might be better. But for getting outside and enjoying the roads, the Motobecane not only looks the part, it’s also one of the smoothest-riding bikes for the money.

Are Motobecane bikes made in France?

Motobécane is a different corporation from Motobecane USA, which imports a wide range of bicycles from Taiwan manufactured by Kinesis Industry Co. Ltd….Motobécane.

Type Private
Headquarters France
Products Bicycle and related components, mopeds and motorcycles

How does Motobecane compare to trek?

While Trek and Motobecane manufacture their frames in carbon fiber and aluminum, Motobecane also builds bicycles in steel and titanium. As a wide array of groupset components can be adapted to either manufacturers’ frames, only Trek offers an electronic option for its top-line frame series.

Where are Motobecane bikes made?

Made in Taiwan with aerospace-quality Titanium tubing, these bikes are offered at a price that is cheaper than that charged by other brands, for Titanium frames on their own.

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How much does a Motobecane weigh?

As reference points: One of the lightest production road bike we know of is the Motobecane Le Champion 10 which is 14.1 LBS {a race only bike with carbon cranks, carbon wheels, glue on tires, etc.}

Who builds Motobécane?

Motobecane USA company manufactured bikes in Kinesis, Taiwan. Mainly motobecane bikes are produced by Kinesis Industry Co. Ltd company under the Motobécane trademark.

How do you pronounce Motobécane?

Motobecane is often pronounced “Moto be cane“, “cane” with pronounced like the final syllable of “sugarcane”. However, this is not how it is pronounced in French. The name should be pronounced “Moto be can” as in tin “can”, for accurate articulation of the famous brand.

Who builds Motobecane?

Does Trek own specialized?

Mike Sinyard remained majority owner and CEO of the company. As of 2016, Specialized is one of the biggest bicycle brands operating in the United States, alongside Trek Bicycle Corporation and Giant Bicycles.

How long is the shipping from bikes direct?

3 to 7 business days
Most orders arrive in 3 to 7 business days transit time. It takes 1 to 2 days for order processing. This is a possible total of up to 10 days. These times are not guaranteed nor refundable if delays occur.

Is Motobecane a good road bike?

Motobecane is really good! I’ve had their titanium bike for over 11 yrs now and still going strong

Is Motobecane a good bike brand?

– A durable aluminum frame is used. – Superfast Maxxis high pressured tires to work correctly. – The aero-shaped tube gives you the required accelerated speed. – Super comfy saddles help you enjoy the ride.

Are Motobecane good bikes?

Motobecane is a company that has a good reputation among cyclists for producing durable and affordable bikes. So if you are planning to buy a Motobecane bike, then grab a cup of coffee and read this unbiased review, which will assist you in making the overall decision.

What happened to Motobecane?

Fall of the Giants. Motobecane shares a similar history to Britain’s Raleigh brand,and sadly both companies no longer produce bikes in their respective countries.

  • 1924 – 1981. It was 1981 when the last Motobecane branded bike rolled out of the factory in Saint Quentin.
  • 1984.
  • The Hideous Crankset.
  • The Era of the Unicrown.
  • Mix ‘n Match.
  • Conclusion.