Are salarians asexual?

Salarians are asexual*, and many (although not all) are aromantic; those that are not aromantic generally do not have any association between reproduction and romance unless they are in a relationship with an asari, who generally do prefer to raise children with their romantic partners.

How strong are Krogans?

The average Krogan is stronger than most species, with masses of up to 1000kg being capable of casual lifting by Krogan. Eye position suggests large field of vision. The lack of canine teeth suggests the original krogan diet was mainly plant based, however Krogans can digest a wide variety of foodstuffs.

What do Asaris look like?

You see, though the asari are a parthenogenetically reproducing race with only one biological sex, they essentially look like blue human women with fancy head-tentacles — and they’re all female.

Are humans and Turians compatible?

Turians cannot consume the same types of proteins that humans can. Since we developed differently from a genetic level, Turians utilize different amino acids than humans. Instead of using Levo-amino acids like Humans and Asari, both Quarians and Turians use dextro-amino acids.

How long can a krogan live?

Krogan can live for well over a thousand years, as evidenced by Warlord Okeer, a veteran of the Krogan Rebellions who died (of decidedly unnatural causes) well over a thousand years after the Rebellions ended.

How old do Salarians live?

Asari can live up to a century and Salarians can only live for up to 40 human years. But what about Krogans, Turians, Quarians and the other species mentioned? The “Frog people” are called Drell. Though it’s the Salarians that live around 40 years.

Who is the oldest krogan?

Okeer is probably the oldest Krogan you meet in the game. He has fought in the Krogan rebellion, which happened a long time before the events in Mass Effect. It is even said Wrex has fought there, meaning Wrex would be around 1000 years old.

Did the salarians create the krogan?

Rise of the krogan The krogan were liberated from their primitive state by the salarians, who “culturally uplifted” the race by giving them advanced technology and relocating them to a planet not cursed with lethal levels of radiation, toxins or deadly predators.

Can quarians and humans reproduce?

Those that weren’t deformed are likely sterile. In the unlikely event that even one managed to get this far, it would be a separate species unable to reproduce unless you’re able to find another pair of parents willing to have a ton of stillbirths and deformed kids.

How do quarians reproduce?

The quarians reproduce via sexual intercourse, and female quarians nurse their young, since they have breasts. Due to centuries of living in a near sterile environment their immune systems are very weak, to the point where they are now forced to wear suits with a self-contained atmosphere.