Are Strider Knives still made?

The last “Strider Knives” will be sold at Blade Show 2017, at the end of which we will strike the Strider Knives colors. I will continue to produce select items on a limited basis thru MSC as my “Classic Line”. I will also continue warranty service on all Strider Knives products. Your guarantee is still valid.

What does SMF stand for Strider Knives?

SMF stands for Strider Military Folder and has a 4″ blade, 3.25″ cutting edge, and has an overall length of 9″ The SnG is the medium-sized folder.

What does hybrid mean for Strider Knives?

The Strider Knives SnG Hybrid is a new take on variations of the front and back of the handles. This Hybrid version combines a contoured Diamond-textured G10 front scale with a stonewashed Flat titanium lock side.

Where are Strider Knives made?

San Marcos, California
Founders Duane Dwyer and Mick Strider make all of their knives out of their San Marcos, California shop. Strider is best known for their folding knives, and their offerings are hallmarked by their distinct shape, titanium frame locks, and integral G10 backspacer and scale.

Why are Strider Knives so expensive?

Those knives are expensive and are sold according to the law of supply and demand. If there is a demand it’s cause: a) Somes people have a use for those knives. b) Somes people want to look like the people who have a use for those knives.

Are Strider Knives custom?

The initial goal having been met, Strider Knives found a ready market for custom-edged weapons and tools with the same component quality requirements as the first highly successful field knives. Many of Striders available edged tools are drawn from customer’s specific design requirements.

Why are Strider knives so expensive?

What knife does Marsoc use?

MARSOC version That knife was called the United States Marine Raider stiletto and was issued to Marine Raiders until the unit was disbanded in 1944.

Do Strider Knives come in a box?

They come in a plastic baggie. No paperwork.

What Steel does Strider use?

Strider has used and still uses a variety of different materials to make their knives. Current standard material for production knives include: S30V steel, S35VN Steel, CPM154 Steel, Titanium, Paracord, G10. Previous steels used for production / custom knives include: ATS-34 and BG42.

Who is Marisa Strider?

Marisa Strider Knives Custom Tanto Fixed Blade-Strider Forged Damascus[/caption] [product sku=”msk”] Marisa Strider is a knife maker and protégé extraordinaire of hubby and master knife maker Mick Strider.