Are TC pros stiff?

It’s mostly down to stiffness: “They’re so insanely stiff,” said a friend of mine who climbs in the Pros. “They have such good support that even when they’re worn in, they still edge well.” The stiff, flat last of the TC Pros makes them edging machines.

Are TC pros worth the money?

Our Verdict. The updated La Sportiva TC Pro comes close to living up to the climb-anything-anywhere hype surrounding it. It features phenomenal edging, a flat toe, ankle protection for cracks, decent smearing ability, and an ultra-supportive, semi-stiff sole that will keep your feet feeling strong pitch after pitch.

What does TC Pro stand for?

Tommy Caldwell developed these shoes way back in the early 2000’s. TC stands for Tommy Caldwell, duh. With this single pair of shoes he established and free climbed both Magic Mushroom and The Dawn Wall. Anyone who has paid attention to rock climbing for a moderate amount of time knows who Tommy Caldwell is.

Are TC pros comfortable?

Because this is a shoe built for all-day use, the TC Pro is comfortable even when fit tight (particularly with the new and improved microfiber tongue reinforcement).

Are TC pros good for wide feet?

I have a super wide foot and the tc pros have stretched beautifully. They were painfully narrow for a few days but awesome now. I have the toes touching but no curl. I can wear them all day, and they still climb great unlike stretched mythos or something.

How tight should my TC pros be?

So, it depends on use. If you are getting them as a general-purpose trad shoe, for moderate multipitch, with a mix of face, cracks, and slabs, size them with your toes barely bent when the shoes are new. They’ll break in and stretch such that they are a snug flat fit.

How do you break in tight climbing shoes?

Here are five things you can do to break in new climbing shoes without causing pain and blisters.

  1. Wear them in a hot shower.
  2. Freeze them overnight.
  3. Use a blow dryer.
  4. Wear a plastic liner on your feet.
  5. Wear socks with your climbing shoes.

Do TC pros break in?

Most climbers have noted the TC Pro to be one of the more comfortable climbing shoes after the break-in period. I must say though, depending on the shape and volume of your feet, the break-in period and experience varies!

How should crack climbing shoes fit?

Crack shoes should be sized for a relaxed fit (with toes lying flat) to wiggle into thin-to-fist cracks and as such will perform better. Likely any climbing shoe will seem tighter than any other shoes you have worn – a good thing when you are trying to stay balanced on a small or sloping hold.

Should your toes be curled in climbing shoes?

Should Toes Be Curled In Climbing Shoes? Basically, yes. Even in beginner climbing shoes your toes will be curled up just a little to keep them close to the front edge of the shoes. Your big toe will be curled down and this is probably the biggest pain point for most.

Are you supposed to wear socks with climbing shoes?

Comfort on the crag By nature, climbing shoes are designed to fit snugly and aren’t very comfortable, often leaving you with uncomfortable rubbing or even blisters. A thin pair of socks, or even liner socks, will definitely help in this regard, providing a little protection from your shoe.

Why do climbers wear small shoes?

In addition to increased sensitivity, tight climbing shoes allow climbers to perform moves that would not be as effective in bigger shoes. For example, climbers are able to heel hook holds in small shoes that would otherwise not be possible in larger shoes as their heels would slip in the shoe too much.