Are there eshays in Melbourne?

Melbourne’s eshay culture: Who are they and what do they do? Many Melburnians may never have heard of eshays before, but if you’ve spent time at a train station or parking lot, chances are you’ve run into one. Eshays are part of a subculture that’s gripped Australian youth in recent years.

What is an eshay lad?

Eshays, or lads, are often considered stereotypically hyper-masculine, inclined to crime and violence, affiliated with other local youths from a postcode, generally hang out in groups, use Pig Latin, wear sportswear and engage in intimidatory and anti-social behaviour.

What does eshay stand for?

Teenage Australian chav/gangsta wannabe asswipe. Known for smoking, drinking, stealing, stinking and unprovoked attacks called “staunching”. Can usually be frightened away by a large stick or adult with a loud voice. Comes from the pig-latin term “Sesh” -> Esh-shay.

Is Kerser an eshay?

OneFour has credited Sydney rappers NTER and Kerser as their original influence for their music and ethos. ‘Gutter rap’ or ‘lad rap’ was born from the eshay subculture, and was centred around lyrics about growing up disadvantaged in public housing flats.

How do you know if your child is an eshay?

An eshay is easily identifiable by the aforementioned TN trainers, worn with polo shirts, puffer jackets, tracksuit pants or baggy shorts and baseball caps. Favoured labels for the fashionable eshay include Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and Lacoste, paired with Nautica, Adidas, Under Armour and Ellesse.

Who started eshay?

Eshays are said to have spread from Sydney’s inner-city graffiti scene in the 1980s through Housing Commission estates and out into the suburbs. Teens embracing eshay culture had predominantly come from low socioeconomic backgrounds but the movement has also been picked up by private school boys.

Why do eshays say eshay?

The word ‘Eshay’ is a Pig Latin derivative of the word sesh or session, which is the traditional Australian past-time of hanging out, binge drinking and taking drugs in a small to medium group of friends.

Is Tommy Hilfiger an eshay brand?

Popular choices in the eshay subculture include Nike, Adidas, Nautica, Lacoste, and Tommy Hilfiger. These luxury brands are all a flex because having them means you have money.

Are eshays criminals?

Teenage criminals, also known as ‘eshays’ will soon face a punishment that is hoped will scare them straight – an extended period with no mobile data. The plan will see teenage boys who have posted videos to social media of themselves committing crimes serve time on a remote outback station with no internet access.

Who started the eshay trend?

What do Eshay lads use?

Eshay lads use an eloquent combination of modified pig Latin and profanities. You can use your own imagination about swear words, but it’s generally crude enough to make a sailor blush.

Who is Sydney’s most notorious Eshay?

Notorious rapper and convicted criminal Spanian has made a name for himself as one of the ‘original’ Sydney eshays. The controversial artist is known for speaking candidly about his life of crime, imprisonment, drug addiction and growing up in inner city Woolloomooloo.

How dangerous are eshays?

Despite potential harassment and an association with violent crime and drugs, most eshays are harmless and more talk than walk. However, a minority can be genuinely dangerous, so with this handy guide; you’ll be able to keep a wide berth.

Where do eshays hang out?

Their familiar hangout places include train stations, public parks, shopping malls, and street corners in urban centers. Despite potential harassment and an association with violent crime and drugs, most eshays are harmless and more talk than walk.