Are watercolor paintings valuable?

Watercolor, along with pastel, can also be deemed more expensive and valuable due to the products used. These pigments can be very expensive to produce and to purchase. Yes, manmade, synthetic pigments are more affordable, but pure pigments from the earth are quite expensive. This becomes a true investment.

How do you price watercolor paintings?

In order to determine your square inch price, multiply the length by the width and divide your selling price by the total square inch area. It would cost $2 to create a painting 12″ x 16″ that sells for $400. There are eight square inches per square foot. You will then have to pay $2 for your 24 x 36 inch painting.

Who are some famous watercolor artists?

Brenda Swenson was a member of the board of the National Society of Watercolor in America and Watercolor West community. Her sketches and paintings were published in the magazines ‘Watercolor’ and ‘Classic Trucks’. She has a large following, now, on YouTube for her excellent tutorials. 9. Shibasaki

How did watercolor artists influence modern art?

Famous watercolor artists not only have an influence on modern art, but some of these names have also had their fair share of influential power on modern cultures. You can find some on public television, some with successful YouTube channels, and some in the most famous art museums in the world and regarded as the most famous pieces of all-time.

What did the Royal Society of watercolor painters contribute to art?

Their contributions led to the creation of many watercolor painting societies – the Royal Watercolour Society (RWS) and the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours for instance, and prompted many creative and technical innovations. These also reached the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, as watercoloring also became sought after in America.