Can a Canon Rebel XTi shoot video?

High precision, wide area 9-point autofocus system. The EOS Rebel T1i shoots brilliant video, even in full high definition. By simply selecting Movie mode on the EOS Rebel T1i’s mode dial, the camera’s 3.0-inch LCD lights up, and it’s ready to go.

How do I connect my Canon Rebel XTi to my computer?

Use only the dedicated USB cable to connect the camera to your computer. Push the plug firmly all the way into the socket. Loose connections can cause faults or malfunctions. Connect the camera to the computer directly using the dedicated USB cable.

How old is the Canon Rebel XTi?

The EOS 400D, called Digital Rebel XTi in North America and EOS Kiss Digital X in Japan, is an entry-level digital single-lens reflex camera introduced by Canon on 24 August 2006.

Can you charge a Canon Rebel XTi with the USB?

Solution. A USB cable can be used to charge the camera’s battery. Insert the included battery into the camera for charging. You can use the compact power adapter, or a computer to charge the battery.

How do I turn on live view on my Canon?


  1. Set the shooting mode. Set the shooting mode to a Creative Zone mode.
  2. Select [Live View function settings]. Under the [ ] tab, select [Live View function settings], then press < >.
  3. Select [Live View shoot.].
  4. Set any other functions.
  5. Display the Live View image.

How do I connect my computer to my Canon USB?

Plug the correct end of the USB cable into the corresponding USB slot on your Canon camera. Plug the fitting end of the USB cable into its correlating USB slot, either on the side of your laptop or on your computer tower. Turn on your digital Canon Camera and wait for your computer screen to provide you with prompts.

What is a Canon Rebel XTi worth?

It’s called the Rebel XTi in the USA and the EOS 400D elsewhere. Price: $799 MSRP body only, $899 with lens. Sensor: 10.1 MP, CMOS, 22.2 x 14.8mm, 1.6x, 3,888 x 2,592 pixels. Magic Cleaning Function is 1.)

Does Rebel XTi have WiFi?

Woohoo!!! Phil is using the Rebel XT for on the floor shots and transfering the images via WiFi. This is one more reason the XT will sell like hotcakes!!! Now, you can set up a wifi network in your house/studio and stream the photos to your computer.