Can anyone buy gas at UFA?

Anyone can fuel at UFA, choose from a selection of fuel cards that allow you to fuel up at UFA Cardlock and meet your commercial or business needs.

Is UFA gas cheaper?

UFA is always normally cheaper than Costco and there are no line ups, they also have squeegees if you want to clean your windows! Makes pumping easier and faster, highly recommend. The thing about pricing here is that it is based on volume.

Is UFA in Manitoba?

UFA has approximately 206,406 members (“Members”), of which approximately 186,898 (90.5%) are resident in Alberta, approximately 6,536 (3.2%) are resident in British Columbia, approximately 158 (0.1%) are resident in Manitoba, approximately 6,073 (3.0%) are resident in Saskatchewan and approximately 6,741(3.2%) are …

What does UFA stand for Alberta?

The United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) is an association of Alberta farmers that has served different roles in its 100-year history – as a lobby group, a successful political party, and as a farm-supply retail chain. As a political party, it formed the government of Alberta from 1921 to 1935.

Do you have to be a member to shop at UFA?

Membership is open to: Any individual — anyone can be a member of UFA.

Does UFA have showers?

This is why having 24/7 availability of fuel is important at both of our locations. Drop-in for some fuel, use a washroom/shower or park alongside our agencies and get a bit of shut eye. You are always welcome!

Where does UFA get their fuel from?

How do I know that I’m getting the best fuel on the market? UFA sources from Alberta’s best and we put it to the test with our Fuel Quality Assurance Program.

Is UFA in BC?

UFA is a gas station in British Columbia located on Alaska Road North.

Do you need a membership to shop at UFA?

Any individual — anyone can be a member of UFA.

How do I apply for UFA?


  1. 1-877-258-4500. and select Option 2.
  2. Applications may be sent in by fax to 403-570-4025. or.
  3. Dropped off at any UFA Farm and Ranch Supply store or UFA Petroleum agency. or.
  4. Mailed directly to UFA: Attn: UFA Credit Department.
  5. Email to [email protected] A UFA rEPrESEntAtIVE MUSt VErIFY YOUr Id.

How do you fill out UFA?

Access to the entire Cardlock network to refuel your vehicle. Pay using your credit, debit or mastercard after inserting your Fuel Link Card. Enjoy 24/7 access to fuel with our Cardlock system! Fuel up at all CFN FleetWide locations and charge your purchase back to your UFA account.

How do I pay my UFA bill?

UFA stores can accept payments made in cash, cheque or direct debit to your bank account. To ensure correct processing, please bring your account number or statement to the store or petroleum agency.