Can broken jewelry Be Fixed?

How is it repaired? The same type of metal as the chain or clasp is used to make the repair. The damaged part of the chain or clasp is removed and replaced with a new metal ring or clasp. Although, if the chain or claps are stretched out, sometimes it can be tightened and soldered to prevent future damage.

Can a broken gold ring be repaired?

Fixing a Cracked Ring That being said, for an experienced jeweler, repairing a cracked ring is a fairly simple process. Depending on the type of crack, the jeweler will likely cut the cracked area out of the band, reattach the ends and then resize the ring back to its original size.

What to do if jewelry breaks?

Find a qualified and reputable jeweler. If you can, bring the broken item back to the jeweler who originally made or sold it to you. They know how your ring or necklace was originally constructed and would be the experts on how to repair it properly. Barring that, look for a creditable jeweler.

How much does it cost to fix a loose stone in a ring?

The costs vary depending on the jeweler, but you can expect to pay between $35 and $200 per stone depending on the number of prongs that need to be fixed and the size and cut of the stone.

Can you repair a ring that was cut off?

If it needs to be cut off, a jeweler can do it with the least damage to the ring and repair and resize it too.

Do you offer on-site jewellery repair in Toronto?

We not only design and create fine jewellery right here in Toronto; we also offer specialized on-site jewellery repair and vintage restoration. Need a watch battery replacement or watch repair?

Can you repair fine jewellery?

There is no fine jewellery repair job that we can’t do. Come in and have a chat with one of the goldsmiths at Arax Jewellery. The team at Arax offers you over 50 years of experience in jewellery repair, restoration, design, and creation.

Can We re-plate your jewellery?

Over time the plating ( a thin top layer of metal ) can wear off of a piece of jewellery and exposed a different coloured metal underneath. We can re-plate your jewellery and make it look like new again. Do you have a special piece of vintage or antique jewellery that needs a little love?

Why choose Arax jewellery repair?

The team at Arax offers you over 50 years of experience in jewellery repair, restoration, design, and creation. Our valued customers choose us, and return to us decade after decade because we take personal responsibility for their treasured jewels. We do all of the work on-site and guarantee your satisfaction. Nothing Is Impossible!