Can clamp meter measure milliamps?

Over 10X faster than measuring milliamps with a traditional multimeter, the Milliamp Clamp Meter is designed for measuring 4-20 mA signals used in control panels to collect and send data, and can measure 0 to 99 mA to cover a broad range of control signals if needed.

Which Fluke meter reads milliamps?

Fluke 771
The Fluke 771 delivers all the basic functionality you would expect in a milliamp clamp meter. It measures 4-20 mA signals without “breaking the loop,” allowing you to measure low level DC current without having to take systems offline for troubleshooting, saving downtime and money.

Can we use this milliamp process clamp meter to measure AC current?

Do not use if clamp is damaged. V rms 47 V peak or 70 V dc these voltages pose a shock hazard. Do not use to measure ac current.

What is a Fluke clamp meter used for?

Clamp meters allow electricians to bypass the old-school method of cutting into a wire and inserting a meter’s test leads into the circuit to take an in-line current measurement. The jaws of a clamp meter do not need to touch a conductor during a measurement.

Does Fluke 117 read milliamps?

Does the Fluke 117 read milliamps? The Fluke 117 Electrician’s Multimeter includes a 10 amp current range for making both AC or DC current measurements. The maximum resolution is 1 milliamp.

How do you measure milliamps with a Fluke multimeter?

Access the signal wires (typically by removing the cover on transmitter). Select the mA dc measurement function and connect the test leads for mA measure. Locate the mA signal wire, disconnect one lead of the signal wire and put the meter in series with the mA signal wire and view the mA measurement.

Can Fluke clamp meter measure DC current?

Fluke 325 True RMS Clamp Meter Measures AC and DC current to 400 A as well as AC and DC voltage to 600 V.