Can I boat on Lake Hopatcong?

Speed boats and pleasure boats are always welcome and rentals are available at many of the area marinas. Patio boats – also known as pontoon boats – are also very popular here on the lake. Yes, the “party barge” is alive and well on Lake Hopatcong NJ!

How much does it cost to rent a boat at Lake Hopatcong?

2022 Lake Hopatcong Rental Boat Rates Weekday Full Day Rates start at $385, plus fees and tax; fuel included. Weekend Full Day Rates start at $485, plus fees and tax; fuel included.

Is there an anaconda in Lake Hopatcong?

HOPATCONG – The Lake Hopatcong boa constrictor who has been reportedly seen in the Capp Cove section of the lake during the past two weeks is a green anaconda – the world’s largest snake – according to the expert who saw it.

Can you swim in Lake Hopatcong?

Lake Hopatcong in Hopatcong State Park – Lake Hopatcong Swimming is permitted during the summer months while lifeguards are on duty. In addition to changing areas and a concession, there are volleyball courts and playgrounds near the beach.

Is it safe to swim in Lake Hopatcong 2021?

HOPATCONG, New Jersey (WABC) — Swimming is prohibited at one beach at New Jersey’s largest lake due to new warnings of toxic algae blooming in two spots. Residents are at moderate risk for health problems at Crescent Cove in Lake Hopatcong, where officials say a skin rash can occur from direct contact with bacteria.

Does Lake Hopatcong have a speed limit?

Lake Hopatcong Speed Restrictions During May 15 to September 15 (the season) on weekends and holidays, speed is restricted to 30 MPH during the day and 10 MPH at night. When the lake level is below normal there are three sandbars; One extends from the northeast shore of Halsey Island.

Is Lake Hopatcong safe to swim in 2021?

What lives in Lake Hopatcong?

Largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, sunfish, yellow and white perch, rock bass, bluegill, crappie, chain pickerel, channel catfish, bullhead, and carp all inhabit the lake. Eels also have been caught.

Is Lake Hopatcong clean?

Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey’s largest lake, is a favorite for boating, fishing, and just kicking back. But pollution can be a problem, and there’s disagreement over how to keep the lake clean. In 2019, the lake was closed to the public because of harmful algal blooms, which can cause skin rashes and digestive issues.

Is Lake Hopatcong still polluted?

Is Lake Hopatcong dirty?

State confirms new algal blooms on Lake Hopatcong a year after the lake was shut down. A year after Lake Hopatcong was shut down by one of the largest algae bloom outbreaks in state history, the harmful pollution has resurfaced.

Is Lake Hopatcong still a no-wake zone?

The Lake Hopatcong water level is at 9.75 feet and no-wake restrictions are in place.