Can I fish in London Ontario?

Thames River, London This popular river has Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Rock Bass, Catfish, Yellow Perch, Pumpkinseed, White Sucker, Carp, Walleye, and Northern Pike. Some of the best city access areas are Greenway and Harris Parks, as well as the Westminster Ponds (these even have fishing platforms).

Where can I fish in London Ontario?

Fishing in the Thames The fishing is good at Fanshawe, Wildwood, and Pittock Conservation Areas, from shore or in your boat. All three lakes are home to perch, bass and northern pike, and Fanshawe also has walleye.

What fish are in season London Ontario?

Ontario Fishing Regulations – Zone 5

Species Open Season Sport Licence
Walleye (or Sauger) Jan. 1-April 14; May 21-Dec 31 2 Per Day 4 Possession
Northern Pike All Year 4 Per Day 4 Possession
Smallmouth Bass (or Largemouth) Jan 1- June 30 Catch & Release
July 1-Nov 30 4 Per Day 4 Possession

Can you fish in the Thames in London?

Whether you’re a serious match angler, a specimen hunter or simply a pleasure angler, the River Thames has it all from roach and perch to barbel and chub with pike and carp too! There really is something for everyone with this River Thames fishing guide.

Where can I catch trout in London Ontario?

The Top 10 Brook Trout Rivers are:

  • Saugeen River.
  • Rocky Saugeen River.
  • Beaver River.
  • Ganaraska River.
  • Nottawasaga and tributaries.
  • Credit River.
  • Humber River.
  • Nipigon River.

What kind of fish are in the Thames River?

Almost 200 commercial fishing boats operate within the Thames estuary, catching sole, cod, bass, ray, sprats, plaice, herring and eels. Some go on sale at Billingsgate Fish Market. New breeds of fish have been introduced into the river in the past 30 years, including chub, roach, bream, perch and gudgeon.

Is perch season open in Ontario?

Walleye and Yellow Perch fishing are permitted from January 1st to March 15th and the third Saturday in May to October 15th. Walleye catch-and-keep limits are 2 for Sport licence holders and 1 for Conservation licence holders.

Where can I fish for free in London?

River Thames: free fishing

  • River Thames, Caversham Lock to Kennetmouth.
  • River Thames, Christchurch Meadows.
  • River Thames, Hills Meadow.
  • River Thames, Pangbourne Meadow.
  • River Thames, Scours Lane.
  • Teddington Lock to Richmond Bridge.

Can you fish in London canals?

When you imagine fishing in London, you probably picture trying to cast from the Embankment while avoiding crowds and passing boats. There’s a lot more to it than that. In fact, there are three different types of fishery in London: rivers, canals, and stillwaters.

Is trout season open in Ontario?

The trout season is not open all year but anglers can fish for trout all year on some river and lakes. Some lakes and rivers are open longer or are open all year.