Can I make relish with regular cucumbers?

For making homemade relish you can use slicing cucumbers or large pickling cucumbers. I avoid using English cucumbers as I find they don’t hold up well when making pickles or relish. But normal slicing cucumbers or pickling cucumber that have become too large to pickle work great for relish.

How do you make sweet relish from cucumbers?

Sweet Cucumber Relish

  1. 8-10 medium pickling cucumbers (washed and finely chopped)
  2. 5 medium sweet onions (finely chopped)
  3. 3 large green peppers (washed, seeded, and finely chopped)
  4. ½ cup pickling salt.
  5. cold water for rinsing.
  6. 2 cups cider vinegar.
  7. 3 cups sugar.
  8. 1 tablespoon mustard seeds.

What is the best way to chop cucumbers for relish?

After washing the cucumbers, slice a thin piece from both the stem and blossom ends and discard. Cut into about 1-inch pieces and then chop in a food processor (using about 3 pulses on “chop”) to yield about ¼-inch or slightly larger pieces. Measure 12 cups of the chopped cucumber.

Can you make relish with overgrown cucumbers?

Making ripe cucumber relish is a great way to use up those big cucumbers you find hiding in your garden, even the yellow ones!

What can I make with fresh cucumbers?

Grilled Chicken with Cucumber Yogurt Sauce. Garlic Cucumber Dip. Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Cucumber Bites. Stuffed Cucumbers….

  1. 1 Cucumber Salad.
  2. 2 Try Some Spice.
  3. 3 Refrigerator Pickles.
  4. 4 Tuna Salad Cucumber Rolls.
  5. 5 Cucumber Lime Vodka Cooler.
  6. 6 Quick Cucumber Kimchi.

What to make with surplus cucumbers?

Here are some more great cucumber recipes.

  • Half Sour Fermented Pickles.
  • Creamed Cucumbers (can also be blended and used as a delicious dressing!)
  • Redbud and Cucumber Sandwiches.
  • Cucumber and Onion Salad.
  • Cucumber Lime Smoothie.
  • Watermelon, Orange and Cucumber Aqua Fresca.
  • Cucumber Cilantro Salad.
  • Shrimp Salad Bites.

Do you peel cucumbers before you make relish?

The wax blocks the pickling liquid from penetrating the skin. If you are using waxed cucumbers, go ahead and peel them first. No need to peel fresh cukes from the garden or farm stand. Peppers: This recipe calls for red and green sweet bell peppers to add color.

How do you make cucumber and dill relish?


  1. Prepare Cucumbers. Wash cucumbers.
  2. Chop Cucumbers. Finely chop cucumbers in a food processor or food mill.
  3. Soak Cucumbers. Place chopped cucumbers in a large bowl.
  4. Rinse Cucumbers. Place cucumbers in a fine mesh strainer.
  5. Mix and Cook Relish. Peel and finely chop onion.
  6. Fill Jars.
  7. Cool Jars.

What can you do with overabundance of cucumbers?

Check out these ideas for what to do with an abundance of cucumbers….Eat Them Raw

  1. Slice them and eat them (plain or sprinkled with dill)
  2. Cucumber sandwiches with toasted bread, cream cheese, cucumber slices, and dill.
  3. Cucumber salad (lots of varieties you can make)
  4. Sliced cucumbers in a green salad.

What can you do with cucumbers besides making pickles?

28 Delicious Ideas for Cucumbers so You Can Use Your Garden’s…

  1. Cucumber Salad.
  2. Try Some Spice.
  3. Refrigerator Pickles.
  4. Tuna Salad Cucumber Rolls.
  5. Cucumber Lime Vodka Cooler.
  6. Quick Cucumber Kimchi.
  7. Tomato Cucumber Salad.
  8. Cucumber Dill Cream Cheese Sandwiches.