Can I travel on cap gap?

Specifically, you may travel abroad and seek readmission into the United States if you are an F-1 student on the cap gap extension and meet the following criteria: Your H-1B petition and request for change of status has been approved by USCIS.

Can I travel during H-1B cap gap?

In general, during the Cap-Gap period, you can travel and re-enter the U.S. if: You have a valid F-1 visa at the time of re-entry. You have an I-20 that reflects the Cap-Gap benefit and has a travel signature (no older than 6 months) The H-1B petition filed on your behalf has been approved before you travel.

Who is eligible for CAP GAP?

You have properly maintained F-1 status. Your employment is subject to the H-1B cap. Your employer filed an H-1B petition for “Change of Status” (not “Consular Notification”) on or after April 1. Your EAD expires between April 1 and September 30.

What is Cap Gap immigration?

Cap Gap is the time between the official end-date listed on your Employment Authorization Document (EAD card) and the official start date of an H-1B non-immigrant visa.

How long is the cap gap extension?

In such cases, the F-1 student is ineligible for cap-gap extension of status and the 60-day grace period….

If you received… You may be unemployed for… For a total of… (during the OPT period)
Initial post-completion OPT only Up to 90 days 90 days
24-month extension An additional 60 days 150 days

What happens if an employee does not qualify for CAP GAP?

F-1 students who do not qualify for a cap-gap extension and whose periods of authorized stay expire before Oct. 1 are required to leave the United States.

Can you switch jobs on cap gap?

Yes. You can change. It would be very nasty of you to do that since the employer expects you having incurred substantial expenses on H1B processing and was lucky to be selected in the lottery.

Do you need to apply for CAP GAP?

The cap-gap extension of OPT is automatic for eligible students. A student does not file an application for the extension or receive a new Employment Authorization Document (EAD) to cover the additional time.

What is cap exempt category?

To qualify as an H-1B cap-exempt non-profit research or government research organization, the organization must meet the definition of a non-profit entity and its requirements: Connected or affiliated with an institution of higher learning via shared ownership or control by the same board.