Can I use a Dana 44 rear end in the front?

The Dana 44 is manufactured for both front and rear axle variants. The Dana 44 has been manufactured as a beam axle and independent suspension for both front and rear axle setups.

Are all Dana 44 front axles the same?

Not all 44s are equal. The Dana 44 has been manufactured for nearly 70 years, and was original equipment under Jeep, Ford, GM, Dodge, International Harvester and Studebaker vehicles, and even the Isuzu Rodeo and Honda Passport. And almost every one of these had some unique, funky specification just for that model.

Is a Dana 44 a good axle?

At the same time, the Dana 44 is a great axle if you don’t need giant tires or big power. Most people don’t realize how heavy a Dana 60 is and how much unsprung weight affects handling. The Dana 44 is also a heavy axle, but it’s significantly lighter than a Dana 60.

Will a JK Dana 44 fit in a TJ?

Registered. -JK axles are 65.5″ WMS, TJ axles are 60.5″ so if you plan on running a JK front and TJ rear then it wont work. Not even spacers will get you close to the desired rear width.

Can you put a JK axle in a TJ?

The JK-to-TJ Axle Conversion Kit can also be used to fit the JK Dana 30 under a TJ. The conversion is identical. This particular axle was used for a couple of reasons.

How wide are TJ axles?

At 60 3/4 inches wide, this axle is almost the same width as a TJ (61 1/2 inches, wheel-mounting surface to wheel-mounting surface).

How big of tires can a Dana 44 handle?

We often get asked how big a tire a Dana 44 can hold up to. That’s not an easy question to answer. Several factors, such as terrain, vehicle weight, driving style, and engine output, come into play. However, as a very general rule, a 36-inch tire is about the limit for a Dana 44.

How strong is a Dana 44?

The Dana 44 has a GAWR up to 3,500 lb (1,600 kg) and is a semi-floating type, having one bearing on the end of the axle shaft which carries the weight of the vehicle on the axle and also allows axle rotation. There is an 8.9″ diameter Dana 44 ring and pinion that is very different from the standard Dana 44.

How to disassemble a Dana 44 front axle?

We do recommend a hydraulic press to remove the pressed-in ball joints along with a bearing puller, but otherwise, everything else can be accomplished with simple hand tools. Follow along and see for yourself.

Does Dana 44 have C-clips?

The ZJ Dana 44 is the only Jeep Dana 44 with an aluminum differential housing. It is also a C-clip axle with one piece shafts and a 5 on 4.5″ wheel bolt pattern. Because of the aluminum housing and C-clips, it is not really any more desirable than a Dana 35c. The shafts are 30 spline.

What vehicles have a Dana 44 rear?

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