Can you change your lifetime wish after completing it Sims 3?

If you think your Sim’s lifetime wish is too hard, or you picked something like the Perfect Private Aquarium and find you don’ like fishing, consider using this reward to change the lifetime wish.

Can you change your Sims lifetime wish?

Either achieve the Lifetime Happiness Reward for 10,000 points or enable testing cheats by pressing ctrl, shift, and c. While the command menu is up, type testingcheatsenabled true. Shift click the sim. Once you’re in CAS, you can change the Lifetime Wish.

How do you change your Sims lifetime want?

Shift + Right Click on your Sim. Choose Spawn > More > Sim Modder. A standing baby will appear on the ground next to your Sim. Click on him and choose > Wants and Fears > Lifetime > Cycle Wants.

Can you delete a lifetime reward on Sims 3?

Dropping a LTR will refund the sim twice the lifetime happiness points of the cost of the reward, which may or may not matter to you. You can subtract the extra points with MC.

How do you get a new lifetime wish?

a completed ltw. You can take the sim back into CAS and choose a new one. Press shift+Ctrl+C then type testingcheatsenabled true then press Shift and click on your sim and choose edit sim, then you can select new traits and/or a new LTW.

How do you change a Sims trait?

So go ahead and Shift+Click them and hit “Modify in CAS” and you will be able to change their traits (as well as any other thing you’d normally change when you first create them). With this, you can even change their age, looks, gender, voice, and more. Careful not to change anything you don’t want to!

How do you remove the censor in Sims 3?

Cut and paste NRaas_Decensor. package into The Sims 3 > Mods > Packages. Start your game. If the mod was installed properly, your Sims will no longer be censored when nude.

How many lifetime wishes are in Sims 3?

The Sims 3 Base Game

Name Goal Lifetime Happiness
Hit Movie Composer Reach level 10 in the Music career track (Symphonic branch) 30,000
Illustrious Author Master the Writing Skill Master the Painting Skill 30,000
International Super Spy Reach level 10 in the Law Enforcement career track (Special Agent branch) 30,000