Can you connect PS3 controller via Bluetooth?

To use your PS3 controller wirelessly, you’ll either need a PC with built-in Bluetooth compatibility or a Bluetooth dongle plugged in. You must plug in the controller before you can play wirelessly.

How do I make my PS3 controller Bluetooth discoverable?

Make the controller recognizable to the Bluetooth. Unplug the controller from the computer. Press and hold the PS3 Home button on the center of the controller. This turns on the controller, and it is recognized on the computer.

What is my PS3 controller Bluetooth address?

Go to Settings>About Phone>Status and find the line that says “Bluetooth address”. A number that looks like this – 1A:2B:3C:4D:5E:6F, should be displayed, and if it is not, make sure your Bluetooth radio is really switched on.

How do I connect my PS3 controller to my phone?

What to Know

  1. Connect an OTG cable to your Android, then connect the controller’s USB charging cable to the female end of the OTG cable.
  2. If you rooted your Android device, install the Sixaxis controller app to use your PS3 controller wirelessly via Bluetooth.
  3. Not all Android games are compatible with the PS3 controller.

How do you connect a wireless PS3 controller without USB?

As long as the controller’s battery is charged, it can be connected by simply pressing the PlayStation button and waiting. The four LEDs at the top – generally used to designate controller number – will blink briefly as the DualShock 3 searches for nearby devices it can connect to.

Can a PS3 controller connect to a phone?

Yes, Sixaxis Controller lets you use your wireless PS3 controllers with your Android phone or tablet, making your new Galaxy Tab or Xoom an emulation paradise.

How can I connect my PS3 controller to my phone without OTG cable?

There are a few ways to connect a PS3 controller to an Android device without an OTG cable. One way is to use a USB On-The-Go adapter. Another way is to use a Bluetooth adapter.