Can you get different outfits in infamous second son?

There are 3 different outfits, two of which are always available, while the third is only available for those who pre-ordered the digital version.

How do you get Cole’s jacket in infamous second son?

Delsin wearing Cole’s Jacket In Infamous: Second Son, after you’ve completed the last mission of Cole’s Legacy, you’ll receive Cole’s original bike courier jacket.

Is infamous second son a sequel?

Infamous Second Son (stylized as inFAMOUS Second Son) is a 2014 action-adventure video game developed by Sucker Punch Productions and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for PlayStation 4. It is the third installment in the Infamous series. The game was released worldwide on March 21, 2014.

Can I still get Cole’s legacy?

Cole’s Legacy is a mission that is only available to those who preordered the game in the US, or those who ordered the Special Edition in other countries. It is also available on the European Playstation Store for purchase.

Is Cole MacGrath mentioned in Second Son?

Trivia. This marks the only appearance of Zeke in Second Son. Oddly Zeke and his voice actor Caleb Moody are mentioned along with the rest of the cast during the credits. During Wolfe’s report, Cole’s name is incorrectly written in subtitles (Macgrath instead of MacGrath).

How did Delsin become a conduit?

After living what could be considered a normal life as a graffiti artist and a local delinquent of the Akomish Reservation, Delsin discovers that he is a Conduit after grabbing a Department of Unified Protection (or D.U.P. for short) captive named Hank in order to save his brother Reggie.

What are Delsin’s skills?

Parkour Skills: Delsin is physically able to climb up any kind of buildings, having the same free running and parkour abilities as Cole. He is described as not being a very experienced climber, but if he sees something he can climb, there’s nothing stopping him from trying.

Why does Delsin travel with his older brother?

With his new-found arsenal, he travels with his older brother to Seattle in order to dismantle the D.U.P.’s operations, and acquire its director’s power of Concrete so he can heal his fellow Akomish members. Delsin is a 24-year-old Native American from the Akomish Tribe.