Can you make kefir with soured milk?

Kefir is one of the most delightfully drinkable ways to take your milk sour. I think having a firm understanding of your soured dairy not only makes you a smarter consumer, but a more accomplished cook and a more refined appreciator of milk. It gives you an appreciation for the people who produce it.

Can you make kefir from kefir milk?

How to Make Kefir from Store-Bought Kefir. Use 1 tablespoon kefir per cup of fresh milk. Mix together well and culture at room temperature for 12-24 hours, or until thickened.

Can I use expired milk for kefir?

Kefir stays good for up to a week past its date. Opening the container doesn’t change much in that matter. Its taste becomes stronger over time, and when its around a week past that date, it will often be too strong to drink.

What can I do with sour kefir?

Use your over-soured kefir in any smoothie recipes calling for yogurt, sour cream, or buttermilk. You don’t have to do the whole amount with your strong kefir; just replace some of the dairy with it to strike the right flavor balance.

How do I second ferment kefir?


  1. Make the kefir as usual (click here for reference)
  2. Place finished kefir in a glass bowl or jar.
  3. Add your desired flavouring.
  4. Cover with plastic wrap or lid. Leave at room temperature for 1-6 hours. (
  5. Store in the refrigerator.

Why does my milk kefir taste like vinegar?

If you leave it for a very long time it may become even to sour to drink. The same is with kombucha. After long fermentation, it becomes more sour, even vinegar-like in taste.

Can I make my own kefir grains?

You can’t make kefir without kefir grains. The ‘grains’ are actually bacteria and yeast that look like tiny cauliflower florets, bound together in a kefiran polysaccharide matrix. If you know someone who already makes kefir, ask them if you can have some – as little as half a teaspoon will be enough to make your own.

Why is my kefir so sour?

The kefir will taste rather sour if the brew has fully separated but just give it a good stir and mix it back up again and sieve. You might also find that your kefir separates like this in the bottle, again this is not problematic just give it a good shake before you drink it.

How do you know if kefir grains are dead?

To find out if your water kefir grains have died, you can test them by making them ferment a new batch. If the grains are dead, the water will remain very sweet and there will be no sign of fermentation. Another sign is the appearance of mould on the surface.

Why is my milk kefir bitter?

Over-active Yeast: Bitterness is usually a sign of high acidity. This is caused in kefir by over-active yeast. The lactic acid-producing bacteria and the yeast live in a delicate balance in kefir grains. Any upset in this balance can result in a poor fermentation process and a bitter taste.

How do you make thick kefir?

How to Make Kefir Thick and Creamy

  1. Use whole milk. This one is pretty obvious, but the more fat in the milk, the thicker it will tend to be.
  2. Use cows milk.
  3. Store in the fridge.
  4. Ferment on the cooler side.
  5. Ferment exclusively in the fridge.
  6. Fermentation Time.
  7. Try lime or lemon peel.
  8. Add cream or thickener.