Can you still play Happy Wars 2021?

Service for Happy Wars on Xbox 360 and Windows 10 ended today, December 17th at midnight (UTC). We would like to thank all of our fans and players for their continued support over the years.

Is Happy Wars still active?

It was originally released for the Xbox 360 on October 12, 2012 on the Xbox Live Arcade as its very first free-to-play title, and additionally for Microsoft Windows on May 28, 2014, but availability on the online marketplaces of these platforms and service to these platforms has since been discontinued as of December …

Is Happy Wars on PS4 2021?

Pre-register here to play the game on PS4 and you can also earn special rewards, while PlayStation Plus members will receive a rare treasure chest full of Happy Jewels each and every month. Happy Wars will be heading to PS4 in North America and Europe on 12th September, following the Japanese release on 7th September.

Are Happy Wars servers shut down?

Happy Wars dev Toylogic announced on Twitter yesterday that it will be ending its service for Xbox 360 and Windows 10 marketplaces beginning June 14 2018, but will still be active on the Xbox One. The decision to pull Happy Wars from the two platforms was made after six years of service on the Xbox 360.

Can you still play Castle Miner Z?

For the sake of CastleMiner Z, a Steam version shipped in 2013. Another game, CastleMiner Warfare, also released in 2014. But, the series is currently on hiatus. Despite that, many nostalgic players request the series return – CastleMiner Z specifically.

Why is Happy Dungeons shutting down?

After thorough consideration, we have determined that maintaining Happy Dungeons with the level of quality our beloved players have come to expect will be difficult. As a result, we have made the difficult decision to bring service to an end.

Why was Happy Wars shutdown?

The Development and Management Teams for Happy Wars have determined that due to production of Xbox 360 units and related services and support coming to an end, continuing development and operations for Happy Wars on Xbox 360 will be difficult.

Is Happy Wars 2 player?

Split-screen play permits up to 4 players to enjoy Happy Wars together on the same Xbox One console. This is ideal for sharing Happy Wars fun with family and friends!

Why can’t I play Happy Wars?

Happy Wars will be removed from the Xbox 360 and Windows 10 stores. Service for the Xbox 360 and Windows 10 versions Happy Wars will shut down. In-game Events will no longer occur on Xbox 360 and Windows 10 once the game has been removed from their respective stores.

Is Happy Dungeons still playable?

Since the release of Happy Dungeons, countless knights have embarked on their very own Happy adventures through our various dungeons. We regret to inform you that service for Happy Dungeons will be coming to an end on June 17th, 2019.