Do any cruise ships leave from Key West?

Cruise ships return to Key West, while city tries to navigate a new course with the industry. Passengers getting off the Crystal Serenity at Pier B in Key West were greeted with signs welcoming them back to the island. But not all locals are pleased with the return of big ships.

Is Key West banning cruise ships?

The island group voted to ban cruise ships during the pandemic, but the results from that referendum never came to fruition.

Is Key West open to cruise ships yet?

Pier B has accepted the most cruise ships in Key West since the cruise industry resumed business last year after the industry shut down in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the ships at Pier B do qualify under the referendum’s limits, said Arlo Haskell, a founder of Safer Cleaner Ships.

Is Carnival stopping at Key West?

Carnival Cruise Line notifies guests that Key West is dropped on upcoming sailings in January and February 2022 and adjusts itineraries for three ships. Carnival Cruise Line has informed guests of a change to their upcoming itinerary as the cruise line is still unable to make calls to Key West.

How long is a cruise from Miami to Key West?

You get a full 6 hours on the island.

Is Key West port Open?

Key West was the last Florida port to open to cruise ships, with Port Everglades being the first back in June 2021.

Is Carnival stopping in Key West?

Why is Carnival Not in Key West?

The majority of local voters on the Florida Keys’ southernmost island voted to restrict the number of daily cruise ship visitors, ban vessels carrying more than 1,300 passengers, and prioritize docking for cruise lines with the best health and environmental records during an election in November 2020.

Is Carnival Dream going to Key West?

Carnival Cruise Line will not be sailing to Key West for the time being. The company cancelled two visits for two ships in January and said it is continuing negotiations. It has been a hectic year for the island, which only recently saw the return of cruise ships to the popular tourist destination in the Florida Keys.

What cruise ship goes to Key West?

The Azamara Quest will dock at 7:30 a.m. Saturday at the city-owned Mallory Pier. With a 1,094-person capacity (686 passengers, 408 crew), the ship meets the city’s new cruise ship size and capacity limits. It is one of only 11 smaller ships that meet the new criteria and are scheduled to visit Key West in 2022.

Are cruise ships going to Key West?

The 1,004-foot Celebrity Apex heads back out to sea Sunday evening after docking at Pier B. It was one of three very large cruise ships to port in Key West during the weekend. Capt. Will Benson, seen right of center, speaks about the fragile environment of the Florida Keys during a second round of speeches on Feb. 4 at Mallory Square.

Where *exactly* is the carnival port in Key West?

The port is located approx 150 mi (240 km) from Miami FL and just 90 mi (145 km) from Havana Cuba. As cruise port, Key West has 2 ship docking piers. The first/principal (Fisherman Wharf) is within walking distance from downtown. The second (Outer Mole Pier) is a free trolley bus ride away from downtown.

How far is it from Key West to Florida?

Though it’s less than 200 miles, the Florida Keys road trip packs a lot into its short distance. This guide will provide you with a list of all the coolest places to stop on the drive from Miami to Key West, including three national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, snorkeling opportunities, beaches, and places to get your drink on!