Do bathroom lights need to be IP44?

When it comes to bathroom lighting, the requisite IP rating is determined by measuring its proximity to a water source or receptacle. Spaces directly above a shower or bath are considered “Zone 1” while those within 60cm of a water source are “Zone 2”; both require a rating of at least IPX4 (so IP44 is acceptable).

Which is better IP44 or IP65?

An IP65 rating is provides a higher degree of protection than IP44, meaning that your product is fully protected against solid particles and against low pressure water jets from any direction. IP65 is a common level of protection for outdoor lighting that will be exposed to all weather conditions.

Which LED lights are best for bathroom?

Light Intensity As a rough guideline, bulbs labeled “daylight,” which generally have a color temperature of 5000K to 6500K, or bulbs labeled “cool white” or “bright white,” with a color temperature of 3500K to 4100K are best for the bathroom.

Is IP44 waterproof?

Is IP44 Waterproof? Lights or electrical devices with IP44 rating are not waterproof. Due to the splash protection, it is sometimes assumed that IP44 lights or electrical devices are also waterproof. However, this is a mistake because lights or electrical devices with protection class IP44 are not waterproof.

Can IP44 be used in shower?

This is the area within a bath tub or shower. Only 12V SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) equipment can be used. Requires a minimum of IP44. This is the area directly above a bath and within a shower cubicle, up to 2.25M in height.

Does bathroom light need to be damp rated?

Bathroom lights do not need to be damp rated in dry spots. It’s recommended that lights directly exposed to any moisture should be damp-rated. It’s essential to check the damp rating of the lights, especially if you’re purchasing them for your bathroom or outdoor patio.

Is 4000K too bright for bathroom?

Is 4000K Too Bright? 4000K is a great temperature that has a perfect mix of color that is not too yellow and not too blue. It can work in multiple residential settings like kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms as well as in commercial spaces.

How good is IP44 rating?

An IP44 rating means that your product will be protected from solid particles that are over 1mm in size and from low velocity sprays of water from every direction.

What does IP44 mean on lights?

IP44. Protected from tools and small wires greater than 1 millimeter. Protected from water spray from any direction.

What LED wattage for bathroom?

There are several factors that will impact how bright you want the lights in your bathroom to be — 75-100 watts go well in guest and master bathrooms. However, for half-baths or powder rooms, 45-60 watts is fine.

Is IP44 OK for bathroom?

IP44 lighting is suitable for use in Zone 2 and Zone 3 (Outside Zones) – in other words, within 60cm from the edge of the bath and to a height of 2.25m from the floor.