Do Hellwig helper springs add lift?

Will Helper Springs Lift My Truck? No, helper springs are not designed to lift your truck, but they are designed to level out the back of your truck. If you are looking for a lifted truck, we recommend a lift kit or leveling kit.

What is better add a leaf or helper springs?

Ideally, you want your helper springs to reduce roll and sway. Instability causes undue stress on the driver and the vehicle. Add a leaf will stabilize the load, helping to reduce body roll.

Do Hellwig helper springs work?

Although airbags are easy to adjust to suit varying loads, I prefer the simpler and more reliable solution of helper springs. These Hellwig Pro springs work great! All the parts needed were in the box but the instructions didn’t cover a couple of issues I had, which were resolved promptly with a phone call to Hellwig.

Does add a leaf help with towing?

If your truck works as hard as you do, every day, adding a leaf to your existing spring pack is a great way to increase your load and hauling capacity. Adding a leaf can give the average pickup an extra 700+ pounds in carrying capacity. Adding a leaf to your springs will raise your truck between .

Do leaf spring helpers work?

#1. But do helper springs really work? Helper springs work with leaf spring suspension systems. For trucks that don’t get sufficient lift from leaf springs, helper springs can provide the needed boost to keep a vehicle flat when fully loaded.

Do helper springs increase ride height?

As Load Hog® helper springs are fully adjustable, many 4×4 owners fit them to raise the ride height of their vehicles for more ground clearance. The increased ride height is adjustable up to around 40mm. Pickup owners can also lift their vehicles to fit larger tires.

Do helper springs increase payload?

Helper springs, or, as some erroneously call them, overload springs, are designed to supplement the factory rear suspension. (They are not designed to increase the truck’s official load carrying capacity, a figure set by the truck maker that can’t be changed once it leaves the assembly line.)