Do Lex Autolease sell cars?

The ten acre site includes a large car supermarket, offering more than 500 used cars for sale to the general public at any one time via the company’s ‘Car Select’ retail brand.

Who owns Lex Auto Lease?

Lloyds Banking Group
ACL Autolease Holdings Ltd.
Lex Autolease/Parent organizations

Is Lex part of Lloyds?

Lloyds Banking Group motoring businesses, Black Horse and Lex Autolease, will be run under a single combined leadership structure from 1st November 2018.

How does Lex Autolease work?

You choose the manufacturer and model of the vehicle that you want and agree the terms of the agreement, such as the maximum annual mileage and length of agreement, and initial rental amount and fixed monthly rentals to suit your budget. The higher initial rental amount you pay, the lower the monthly rental will be.

Who is the biggest car leasing company in the UK?

Lex Autolease’s car fleet was the biggest car hire and leasing company in the UK in 2021.

Who is the CEO of Lex Autolease?

Larry Simms –
Larry Simms – ceo – Lex Autolease | LinkedIn.

How do I complain to Lex Autolease?

If there’s a problem call us on 0800 068 4025 from 8.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays. We will always try to resolve your issue immediately. As soon as we have received your complaint we will respond to it as quickly as we can, usually by the end of the next working day.

Who is the best car lease company?

The best websites for leasing a new car in 2022

  • LeasePlan.
  • Carparison.
  • Hippo Leasing.
  • Moneyshake.
  • LeaseLoco.
  • Ready2Lease.
  • Rivervale.

Who is the CEO of Blackhorse Finance?

Richard Jones named as new managing director of Black Horse and Lex Autolease. Lloyds Banking Group businesses Black Horse and Lex Autolease will be run under a single combined leadership structure from November 1.

Why choose Lex Autolease for your business?

Businesses have increasingly seen the value of having the vehicles they need owned and maintained by a specialist like Lex Autolease. This can offer a range of financial benefits to the business as well as help manage the complexities and risk of keeping the vehicles on the road.

What types of vehicles does Lex Autolease fund?

Discover our wide range of vehicle funding options. Our fleet of public sector vehicles includes cars, vans, ambulances and minibuses. Lex Autolease have been at the forefront of electric vehicle technology with our first mainstream plug in vehicles introduced to customer’s fleets early in 2011.

How big is Lex Autolease’s fleet size?

Today Lex Autolease has a total fleet size of over 329,000 vehicles and it is responsible for 1 in 30 of the UK’s new cars and light commercial vehicles registered in 2015.

What is a personal leasing car?

Personal Leasing is a rental agreement (also known as Personal Contract Hire) that allows you to drive a new car for a set period and an agreed mileage. It is an alternative to financing a new car with a bank loan or other types of credit.