Do NASA employees play KSP?

KSP has even earned the respect of NASA — many of its employees play it regularly.

Are space stations useful in KSP?

Space stations are often used as refueling depots. For example, if a station is placed in Mun orbit, a lander can dock to the station and take some fuel or monopropellant to refill its own tanks for landing and return.

How tall are Kerbals in feet?

For the playable Kerbals, see Kerbonaut. Kerbals are the native denizens of the planet Kerbin, and cartoonish in-game analogs for humankind. Kerbals display no variance in height or weight. They stand roughly 0.75 meters tall (2’5½”).

Why is my plane turning KSP?

If your planes are turning when gaining speed on the runway, without any input from you, It’s likely a sign of misaligned wheels. Try making sure your landing gear are perfectly straight and it will probably solve your problem.

Why does my plane Keep flipping in KSP?

Generally if the aircraft flips backwards and appears to be more stable backwards than forwards, this is the CoL being too far forward. It’s also possible there’s something more subtle like a misaligned control module or something. As always, a screenshot of the aircraft can help a lot.

How do you rendezvous in orbit KSP?

Simply click on the ship you aim to rendezvous and click “Set as target”. Only after you set it as target will you be able to see the intercept indicators. Match orbital planes. Hover your mouse over the ascending/descending node and there will be a number.

Is Bill Kerman a scientist?

Bill Kerman is one of the 4 default kerbals in Kerbal Space Program. His is kerbonaut #0002 and the least intelligent of the “original four”. He is an engineer, or a kerbal who repairs things on rocket ships, like wheels or parachutes.

Do jet engines work on Laythe?

Note. While many planets and moons in the solar system have an atmosphere, not all of these atmospheres have oxygen. Only your home planet of Kerbin and Jool’s moon Laythe have an oxygen-rich atmosphere, which means that jet engines will only work on these two planets.

Can you fly on Duna?

There is only one planet on Earth with an oxygen-rich atmosphere, which is Kerbin and Jool’s moon Laythe. Jet engines will only work on these two planets. The only way to fly to Duna is by air. Jet engines won’t work on your wings, but you will still be able to lift.