Do planar magnetic speakers exist?

Planar magnetic speakers can handle a lot of power without undue stress or audible strain. In fact, for a given surface area, they can handle many times the power of a traditional dynamic driver.

What are planar magnetic speakers?

The planar magnetic speaker is a type of speaker closely related to the electrostatic speaker. It is nearly identical in radiation concept to an electrostatic loudspeaker, having a large, thin, vertically orientated plastic diaphragm as the vibrating element.

Are planar speakers better?

Planars can often sound more accurate, and often less accurate than traditional speakers.

How do planar magnetic speakers work?

Another alternative is the planar magnetic speaker. These units use a long, metal ribbon suspended between two magnetic panels. They basically work the same way as electrostatic speakers, except that the alternating positive and negative current moves the diaphragm in a magnetic field rather than an electric field.

What are ribbon speakers?

Like the voice coil of a conventional driver, power from the amplifier is applied across the metal ribbon, which in turn develops a magnetic field. As we remember, this moving magnetic field opposes and attracts the permanent magnets along the side and thus it moves, pressurizing the air and we hear music.

What is quasi ribbon?

Newer Magnepans use 30 μm (0.0012″) thick 1/8″ (3 mm) wide aluminum tape instead of wire. When the aluminum tape is used instead of wires, Magnepan calls the speakers “Quasi-Ribbons”. Using the aluminum tape spreads out the driving force on the mylar speaker diaphragm, resulting in noticeably lower distortion.

Does bigger magnet mean better speaker?

The bigger the magnet, the stronger the potential driving force of the speaker (assuming the magnetic strength of the magnet is constant). Small magnets are for small speakers and produce, by nature, “weaker sound”, while bigger magnets make bigger speakers capable of producing louder sound.

Is planar magnetic better?

A planar sound wavefront is usually superior and creates a better sense of imaging and deeper a soundstage effect. However, a planar sound wave might also be associated with headphones such as AKG K1000, Sennheiser HD 800 and Stax electrostatics. This is due to the models being large enough.

How do ribbon speakers work?

How does ribbon speaker work?

How long do ribbon tweeters last?

Like most modern ribbons they use magnets with a sizeable ‘rare earth’ content which are both powerful and long lasting. Short of being overdriven they should last another 18yrs no problem.