Do they make a 5-round magazine for an AR-15?

223 Remington, 5.56mm Nato 5-Round Stainless Steel Magazine. This is a Stainless Steel 5-round magazine for AR-15 rifles in . 223 Remington, or 5.56mm Nato.

Do they make 5-round magazines?

Engineered for superior reliability at an affordable price, the Promag® AR-15 Rollermag™ .

Are 223 5.56 magazines the same?

The 5.56 chamber can safely support a . 223 round.

Does magpul make a 5-round magazine?

Comes standard as a 5-round capacity magazine for hunting regulation compliance, but the follower can be easily modified by the user to increase the capacity to six rounds for field, competition, or combat use. Made in the USA.

Are all 5.56 MAGS the same?

223 and 5.56 Magazines the Same? Yes, the magazines for . 223 and 5.56 ammunition are identical. Since the rounds are identical on the outside, the magazines are completely interchangeable.

Are all AR-15 magazines Universal?

Are All AR-15 Magazines Compatible? With very few exceptions, all AR-15 magazines that are designed for . 223 or 5.56 rounds of ammunition are interchangeable so long as you are using a lower receiver that is within mil-spec standards.

What are AICS pattern magazines?

The Accuracy International Chassis Magazine (AICS) is a detachable-style magazine typically made for bolt-action rifles. They are typically single-stack magazines with metal or polymer housings that are produced in a wide variety of calibers.

Are PMags AICS compatible?

The PMAG 10 7.62 AC magazine is optimized for the . 308 Winchester based family of cartridges and is compatible with short action AICS-spec bottom metal, to include the Bolt Action Magazine Well for the Hunter 700 Stock, and in most platforms performs exceptionally well in similar, but non-.

Is it OK to leave bullets in a magazine?

When using quality magazines with quality ammunition, stored and maintained properly, you can leave them loaded as long as you want to without any reservation.

What kind of magazine is in the Promag AR-15 5-round?

The ProMag AR-15 5-Round 5.56mm Rollermag Magazine w/Roller Follower is a quality addition to the ProMag lineup. For more great deals on Magazines by ProMag, please browse our Pro Mag Magazines page.

What is the best AR-15 magazine for extreme duty?

Mission First Tactical Extreme Duty AR-15 Magazine… ASC AR-15 Magazine .223/5.56 30 Rounds Aluminum FD… DURAMAG By C-Products Defense AR-15 .223 /5.56 Magazine 5 Rounds Aluminum Black

What is the best Magpul AR-15 magazine?

Magpul PMAG Gen M2 AR-15 Magazine .223/5.56 NATO 30 Rounds Polymer Black MAG571-… Magpul PMAG Gen M2 AR-15 Magazine .223/5.56 NATO 3… E-Lander AR-15/M16 Magazine 30 Rounds 5.56 NATO Steel Maritime KTL Finish Bulk 1… E-Lander AR-15/M16 Magazine 30 Rounds 5.56 NATO St…

What magazines do you carry in your H3L AR-15?

Hera USA H3L AR-15 Magazine 5.56 NATO 10 Round Wit… Iver Johnson AR-15 Drum Magazine .223 Remington 50… Mission First Tactical Extreme Duty AR-15 Windowed Magazine .223 Rem/5.56 NATO 3…