Do you need a pass to go to Rialto Beach?

Pro Tip: You’ll need a National Park Pass to visit Rialto Beach. You can purchase an America The Beautiful annual pass online, or a day pass at a local ranger station. The closest station to Rialto Beach is the Lake Quinault Ranger Station.

Can you swim at Rialto Beach?

You can’t swim at the beach because of the risk of getting struck with driftwood.

Is La Push Beach Open 2021?

As of July 12, 2021, the Quileute Reservation is now open to non-tribal members. This include First Beach at La Push, Second Beach, and the Quileute Oceanside Resort. Visit for more information. Visit our Open & Closure Blog for a comprehensive list.

How far is Mora Campground from the beach?

The 94-site Mora campground is about three miles from Rialto Beach. Mora Campground is on a reservation system for the peak season months beginning mid June to mid September (new in 2020).

Can you take driftwood from Rialto Beach?

That means you’re not able to collect rocks, driftwood or any other souvenirs from the beach. Rialto Beach is even more popular now that access to First Beach and Second Beach is restricted. The parking lot is small and fills up quickly. The shoulders along Mora Road have quite a lot of parking spots, though.

Are dogs allowed at Mora Campground?

Dog-Friendly Camping in the Olympic Peninsula Kalaloch Campground. South Beach Campground. Mora Campground.

Can you swim at Ruby Beach?

Swimming at Ruby Beach So can you swim at Ruby Beach? Of course you can, but remember that you’re in Washington State and the water is going to be cold.

Can you drive to La Push Beach?

From the Seattle area, take a ferry across Puget Sound to reach U.S. Highway 101 and drive west through Sequim and Port Angeles toward Forks. About 55 miles beyond Port Angeles (about 1 mile before reaching Forks) turn right on La Push Road (Highway 110). Continue 14 miles to La Push.

Is La Push a real Beach?

La Push Beach is a series of three beaches near the community of La Push, Washington, on the Pacific coast of the United States. The beach’s most prominent natural vegetation the Sitka, spruce, and evergreen trees that populate the shore.

Does Mora Campground have cell service?

We have all three cell carriers and a pricey antenna system for cell service; usually, if a signal exists, we find it. Couldn’t get out a text, and we did walk the campground thinking perhaps it was just our spot.

Can I park overnight at Rialto Beach?

The trail itself starts at Rialto Beach, which is at the end of Mora Road in La Push. There’s a large parking lot for overnight campers so there shouldn’t be any issues finding a spot.

Is Rialto Beach Sandy?

Like several other beaches along the Olympic coast, Rialto Beach is rocky rather than sandy. The material that makes up Olympic beaches is derived from rocks being eroded nearby.