Does AEG own PromoWest?

AEG Presents, a Los Angeles-based company that promotes concerts and manages music venues, announced on Thursday that it had acquired PromoWest Productions to expand its presence in the Midwest.

What did express live used to be called?

PromoWest Pavilion

Former names PromoWest Pavilion (2001-05) Lifestyle Communities Pavilion (2005-16) Express Live! (2016-21)
Address 405 Neil Ave Columbus, OH 43215-2341
Location Arena District
Coordinates 39.969811°N 83.010142°W

What’s the name of the new music venue in Newport Kentucky?

PromoWest Pavilion at OVATION
The Design PromoWest Pavilion at OVATION is the third indoor/outdoor concert venue in America.

Who owns Express Live Columbus Ohio?

PromoWest Productions/
COLUMBUS, Ohio — It was announced on Tuesday that the PromoWest Productions/AEG Presents concert venue in Downtown Columbus formerly known as EXPRESS LIVE! has been renamed KEMBA Live! The partnership with KEMBA Financial Credit Union runs for 10 years.

Who bought Express Live?

PromoWest to Rename Express Live! with New Exclusive Naming Rights. Image courtesy of PromoWest Productions. KEMBA Financial Credit Union has announced the exclusive naming rights for the Arena District entertainment venue formerly known as EXPRESS LIVE! The venue will now be known as KEMBA Live!

Is KEMBA Live the same as EXPRESS LIVE?

On Tuesday, KEMBA Financial Credit Union announced the exclusive naming rights for the venue formerly known as EXPRESS LIVE!. It will now be known as KEMBA Live!. “We are excited to partner with PromoWest to present KEMBA Live!,” said Mark Decello, KEMBA’s President & CEO.

Is KEMBA Live inside or outside?

KEMBA Live! is the first indoor and outdoor concert venue in America. KEMBA Live! features state-of-the-art lighting, acoustical systems and an innovative, one-of-a-kind reversible stage.

What are they building in Newport Ohio?

Ovation is a 25-acre mixed-use development at Newport on the Ohio, according to Corporex, that is expected to have 900 residential units, restaurants, retail, hotels, and offices.


Does express own Express Live?

EXPRESS Announces Exclusive Naming Rights Of PromoWest Productions Concert Venue In Columbus, Ohio; Going Forward, It Will Be Known As EXPRESS LIVE! EXPRESS, Inc.

Does KEMBA Live have food?

Mikey’s Late Night Slice is the official food provider for KEMBA Live!, Newport Music Hall and A&R Music Bar!

Does KEMBA Live have coat check?

Does anyone know if they have coat check in these winter months? Nope. I emailed to ask and they said if you wear a coat inside you’ll need to hang onto it all night.