Does Carley have a crush on Lee?

Before her untimely death, Carley’s relationship with Lee developed to the point where she showed romantic interest in him. Depending on the choices, Lee can choose to reciprocate her feelings as she gives Lee a kiss on the cheek.

What happens if you let Lilly Stay Walking Dead?

Allowing Lilly to stay (Alive): If Lee allows her to stay with the group, she still reveals Lee’s criminal past to the group due to shock. Lilly is tied to the seat.

Who killed Lilly in The Walking Dead?

the herd
Death. Despite having a gun, Lilly was swarmed and ultimately devoured by the herd that was overrunning the prison.

Who is Lilly Walking Dead game?

Lilly is a main character and later an antagonist who first appeared in Season 1 of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead. She is both a quick thinker, and a leader; she is also straight to the point regardless of how people react or feel about what she has to say.

Does Lily Love Lee?

Lilly killed Carley for smack talking to her and she was jealous of Carley being friendly towards Lee. That’s because Lilly fell in love with Lee(depending on if you helped her) and wanted to raise Clemintine with him.

Did Lily have feelings for Lee?

Lily was in love with lee. She was already jealous of Carley and that’s why she didn’t think twice about shooting her. This is why she asked Lee to run away with her and take Kenny’s RV. But didn’t follow through with it because she was still mad at him and realized she had to let him go.

Can Tenn survive walking dead?

Telltale’s The Walking Dead: The Final Season Episode 4 Tenn Survives Ending – YouTube.

What happens if you side with Lilly?

Wait until you run out of time. Kenny will tell you that you are worthless. He will push Lilly away and kill Larry. It is treated as if you stood on Lilly’s side, which means that Kenny will be as mad at you as if you attempted to side with her (see “Helping Lilly”).

Who has a crush on Rock Lee?

LeeSaku is fairly popular among the fandom, who most likely support it due to the mutual respect between the two as well as Lee’s crush on her.