Does Elizabeth forgive John?

He committed adultery earlier that year while she was sick, and though his lover (Abigail Williams) is now out of his life, Elizabeth still judges him for it. It isn’t until Elizabeth forgives him and admits her own faults that John Proctor is able to forgive himself.

Does Mary Warren die?

Mary Ann Warren was the oldest accuser during the 1692 Salem witch trials, being 18 years old when the trials began. She was a servant for John and Elizabeth Proctor….Mary Warren (Salem witch trials)

Mary Warren Originally Martha
Died 1693 Salem, Massachusetts
Occupation Maidservant
Known for Accuser and accused in the Salem witch trials

What does Abigail say about Elizabeth Proctor?

Abigail says that Elizabeth Proctor hates her and is a “lying, cold, sniveling woman.” Abigail also blames Elizabeth for firing her, even though she was having an affair with Elizabeth’s husband at the time.

How do Proctor and Abigail act around one another?

Abigail is John’s former servant; she was dismissed from her duties after Elizabeth, John’s wife, discovered their affair. Abigail expresses her strong feelings for John, who insists that she forget about their prior affair and move on with her life.

What happens to Reverend Hale?

At the end of Act 3, Reverend Hale quits the court in Salem out of frustration because he sees that irrationality and hysteria have taken over the proceedings. However, in Act 4, we learn that he has returned to Salem to speak with the prisoners and convince them to confess.

How does Proctor feel about Abigail?

He believes his affair with Abigail irreparably damaged him in the eyes of God, his wife Elizabeth, and himself. Once he acknowledges his affair with Abigail, Proctor effectively brands himself an adulterer and loses his good name. He dreads revealing his sin because guilt and regret already overwhelm him.

Who did Abigail have a relationship with?

John Proctor

Why is Mary Warren weak?

Mary Warren’s weaknesses are nurtured by fear. Mary is afraid of Abigail Williams, the leader of “the pack” of girls involved in the witch scandal, who has physically threatened her and the rest of the girls. She does not have the confidence needed to stand up to Abigail and do what is right.

How is Reverend Hale characterized?

John Hale, the intellectual, naïve witch-hunter, enters the play in Act I when Parris summons him to examine his daughter, Betty. In an extended commentary on Hale in Act I, Miller describes him as “a tight-skinned, eager-eyed intellectual. As his belief in witchcraft falters, so does his faith in the law.

What is the relationship between Abigail and Elizabeth Proctor?

Abigail is the former servant of John and Elizabeth Proctor. Over the course of the first two acts, it is revealed that Abigail used to work for the Proctors but had an affair with John; she was kicked out when Elizabeth confronted John with her suspicions and he confessed.

How does Abigail frame Elizabeth?

Abigail stabs herself with a needle. She does this in order to cast suspicion on Elizabeth Proctor. If Elizabeth Proctor is convicted of witchcraft, then Elizabeth will be executed.