Does Gary Bettman own the NHL?

Gary Bruce Bettman (born June 2, 1952) is the commissioner of the National Hockey League (NHL), a post he has held since February 1, 1993. Previously, Bettman was a senior vice president and general counsel to the National Basketball Association (NBA)….

Gary Bettman
Awards Hockey Hall of Fame (2018)

Why was there a lockout in 2012 NHL?

The owners of the league’s franchises, led by NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, declared a lockout of the members of the NHLPA after a new agreement could not be reached before the expiry of the NHL collective bargaining agreement on September 16, 2012.

What caused the 2004/05 NHL lockout?

The Lockout of 2004-05 During the lockout, the primary dispute was the league’s desire to implement a salary cap to limit spending on player salaries. This was opposed by the NHL Players Association (NHLPA), which proposed an alternative system of revenue sharing.

How did the 2004/05 NHL lockout end?

On July 21, the players association ratified the agreement with 87 percent of its members voting in favor. The owners unanimously approved it the next day, officially ending the 310-day lockout.

How much does an NHL Commissioner make?


Salary History All amounts in US$ unless otherwise noted.
Season Salary (US$) NHL Rank
2019-20 $9,600,000 30
As Commissioner of the NHL.
Source: Sports Business Journal

How much money does the Commissioner of the NHL make?

Bettman was making $3.77 million per season. So since he oversaw the lockout that caused an entire season to be lost, Bettman’s salary has increased 98 percent. That’s right. The amount of money he makes has nearly doubled in six years.

How long did the 2012 NHL lockout last?

In January 1995, following a 102-day lockout, an eleventh-hour settlement was reached. Only 48 regular-season games were played, the same number as was to be played in the 2012–2013 season. Although the agreement was hailed as a clear victory for the owners, they continued to pay big salaries to players.