Does H&K make a compact 9mm?

The HK USP Compact is a small frame pistol capable of firing the most powerful cartridges in 9 mm, . 40 S&W, . 45 ACP. Based on the full-size USP models, these handy pistols combine compact size with optimum effective shooting performance.

Will USP mags fit USP Compact?

Registered. Yes, they share the same mag.

Is HK VP9 full size or compact?

This first initial model of the HK VP9 is a full-size duty gun, bigger than most people would want to carry concealed; dimensionally it’s nearly identical to the Glock 17. It has a 4.1-inch barrel and is 7.3 inches long and 5.4 inches high. Total weight without magazine is 23.28 ounces.

Do they still make HK USP?

No, the USP is going to be around for a while… a long, long while.

Do P30 mags fit USP?

P30 mags work in USPc’s, but USPc mags don’t work in P30’s, for obvious reasons. “A good shooter with a weak body and weak mind will lose against the one who has the physical ability to crush you and the mental ability to do it repeatedly.”

Are HK magazines interchangeable?

Registered. Yes, they will, they are 100% interchangeable.

What is the HK USP Compact?

The HK USP Compact is a small frame pistol capable of firing the most powerful cartridges in 9 mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP.

What calibers does the USP Compact come in?

USP Compact: Model in calibres 9 mm x 19, .40 S&W and .45 AUTO with or without safety/decocking. Each calibre available in nine variants.

What is the service life of the USP Compact?

To reduce the length of the slide and barrel on the USP Compact, the mechanical recoil reduction system found on large frame USPs has been replaced by a specially designed flat compression spring contained in the captive recoil spring assembly by a polymer absorber bushing. Service life is still engineered to exceed 20,000 rounds.

What is the difference between HK45 and USP45?

The HK45 combines the accuracy, modularity, reliability, and minimum 20,000 round service life of the renowned USP45 Compact with the improved ergonomics of the P2000 series pistols. HK45 Compacts can be also be fitted with threaded barrels for use with muzzle mounted sound suppressors.