Does Harry Shum Jr still dance?

He is best known for his roles as Mike Chang on the Fox television series Glee (2009–15) and as Magnus Bane on the Freeform television series Shadowhunters (2016–19)….

Harry Shum Jr.
Occupation Actor dancer choreographer singer
Years active 2000–present
Spouse(s) Shelby Rabara ​ ( m. 2015)​
Children 1

Where did Harry Shum Jr learn to dance?

“It became really popular,” he says. After graduation, while attending San Francisco State University, he kicked up his training with classes at Dance Mission Theater. “Dance was on my mind a lot,” he says. When Jesse Santos, an L.A.-based dancer, taught at the studio, Harry reconsidered his path.

What languages does Harry Shum Jr speak?

Harry Shum Jr./Languages

Did Harry Shum Jr sing in Glee?

sings in ‘Glee’ by the musical numbers: ‘Asian F’ Harry Shum Jr. proved he can both sing and dance.

How tall is Harry Shum Jr feet?

5′ 11″Harry Shum Jr. / Height

Who plays Chase in shadowhunters?

Dominic Sherwood
Sherwood at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival
Born Dominic Anthony Sherwood 6 February 1990 Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England
Occupation Actor model
Years active 2010–present

Why do Mike and Tina break up?

As of Season Four, the long lasting couple have finally separated due to Mike not being able to handle long distance relationships and Tina still at McKinley. Tina still feels strongly about him, even had his name tattooed on her.

What is Wong Fu Productions?

Since 2011, Wong Fu has developed a reputation as a springboard for Asian American acting talent. According to Philip Wang, Wong Fu Productions was unofficially established in 2001 during his high school junior year at Northgate High School (Walnut Creek, California).

Is Harry Shum Jr a judge on Fake Off?

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Is Wong Fu’s new media the wave of the future?

University of Southern California digital media expert David Wertheimer also believed that “Wong Fu’s use of new media to tell their community stories and build a business is the wave of the future.”

Who are the actors in the new Wong Fu movie?

With a nearly all-Asian cast, some of its stars include Aaron Yoo, Brittany Ishibashi, Brandon Soo Hoo, Victoria Park, Randall Park, and Ki Hong Lee. Funding for the film was crowd-sourced from Wong Fu’s fans via Indiegogo, and the film’s premiere release was held at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival.