Does it snow in Dolomites Italy?

While winter temperatures do fall below freezing, the sun shines an unparalleled 8 days out of 10 in the Dolomites – more than any other range in the Alps! The sunny winter paradise of the Dolomite Mountains combined with ample snowfall makes skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing adventures here unbeatable.

How much snow do the Dolomites get?

The snow falls throughout the winter, but the winter being the driest season of the year the snow is never very abundant. Despite this in the valley areas in the mountains generally fall around the meter and a half – two meters of snow per year. At higher altitudes above 1,500 meters snow falls throughout the year.

Is there snow in the Dolomites in May?

Precipitation in May is likely, but whether it’s snow or rain depends on the temperature. In May snow is certainly possible at high elevations but usually unlikely below 2000 mt ASL. (~ 7000 ft).

What is the weather like in the Italian Alps?

Mean January temperatures on the valley floors range from 23 to 39 °F (−5 to 4 °C) to as high as 46 °F (8 °C) in the mountains bordering the Mediterranean, whereas mean July temperatures range between 59 and 75 °F (15 and 24 °C).

What is the best time to visit the Dolomites?

Late spring (May) and early summer (June) are ideal months to visit if you are seeking cool weather that’s comfortable for outdoor activities, and few other tourists. Hiking trails in the Dolomites tend to mostly open by mid-to-late May, after the snow has melted.

How often does it rain in Dolomites?

Annual rainfall is 71.7in, with a minimum of 2.8in in january and a maximum of 9.8in in july. From january to april the climate is very bad. At lunchtime, it’s 45°F in average and, in april, 9 days of rain are expected.

Is there snow in the Dolomites in April?

1. Re: Any snow in April? Yes, it’s possible to ski in the Dolomites in April.