Does Joey Essex still have a shop?

OG star Harry Derbidge was the first to open his own shop but he closed the gates on Harry’s World in 2016, Joey Essex shut his store Fusey in the same year, Jessica Wright has also fallen victim to the curse with her boutique With Love Jessica.

Does Joey Essex have a business?

In 2017, he launched his clothing line called the DAFDEA which has been doing well. Additionally, Joey also has his line of perfume which is called My Girls, and a range of aftershave lotions that is called Fusey.

Which TOWIE businesses are still open?

The “Towie curse” has seen shops from Harry Derbidge, Joey Essex, Jessica Wright, Charlie Sims and his sister Chloe Sims, all shut down. There are only two left standing in the area; Gemma Collins’ Boutique and Minnie’s, co-owned by Sam and Billie Faiers.

Why did Joey Essex close his shop?

FORMER Towie star Joey Essex is shutting down his clothes store amid claims he has failed to fit in with locals where much of the hit TV series is filmed.

Is Brentwood good for shopping?

Brentwood is a beautiful suburban town that offers something for everyone all year round. Over the years it has expanded its range of independent shops and big high street brands, while also offering special events, a range of top attractions and a wealth of history – Brentwood is more than just a shopping destination.

Who is the richest in The Only Way Is Essex?

For Towie it found that the biggest earner is Sam Faiers. As well as staring on Towie, Sam has her own TV show, Mummy Diaries, which she stars in with her sister Billie Shepherd. She also has multiple businesses and Instagram brand deals. Eurovision 2022: Who is Australia’s Sheldon Riley?

How Much Is Pete from TOWIE worth?

Pete Wicks made his fame through appearing on The Only Way is Essex, and the reality star became a series regular on series 15.

Who is the richest out of TOWIE?

1. Mark Wright – £9.2million. And the TOWIE cast member with the biggest net worth is Mark Wright, the OG bad boy from the series. Mark has a net worth of nearly £10million.

Who owns Circuit nightclub Essex?

“We’ve often found people outside flyering for their own indie night, and we say: “It’s cold out there, come in a flyer in the corridor.” “Times change and we have to move with them whilst retaining what we are, and that’s tricky but I think we get it right. “The owner (Charley Horne) has owned that club from Day One.