Does Penn State Blue Band go to away games?

The Blue Band performs many times throughout the school year, not only during football season. In addition to home football games, the entire band travels to one away game per season, and there is also a small 15-person pep band that travels to the other away games.

What song plays during the We Are Penn State chant?

“The Nittany Lion” is a traditional fight song played by the Penn State Blue Band at football games and other sporting events. During the pre-game show of home football games at Beaver Stadium, it is part of the traditional Lion Fanfare and Downfield.

Why does Penn State say we are?

Last week one of Penn State’s student media outlets, Onward State, printed a “Penn State History Lesson” which claimed that the origin of the iconic “We Are Penn State” phrase and cheer was from the actions of the 1947-48 football team, who admirably stood up to racial prejudice.

When did the We Are Penn State chant start?

The phrase is iconic for Penn Staters, especially at football games. Penn State cheerleaders first used the cheer at a game held on September 11, 1976, as told by an article written by Lou Prato in 2011.

Is the Nittany Lion extinct?

The Northeastern population of mountain lions has been largely nonexistent since the early 1800s and was officially declared extinct in 2011. This regionally extinct mountain lion is Pennsylvania State University’s official mascot, where it is referred to as the ‘Nittany Lion’.

How hard is it to get into the Blue Band?

The Blue Band offers a high level marching band experience open by audition to any student at the University Park campus. Annual competitive auditions result in a membership ratio of between 15-18% music majors and 82-85% non-music majors within the 300-member band.

How many people are in Penn State Blue Band?


Penn State Blue Band
Members 315
Fight song Fight On, State
Uniform (2008-present) One-piece pant/suspender combo, jacket with cloth PSU overlay sewn on, black shoes with white spats, white gloves, white hat with navy plumes.

What do Penn State students call themselves?

Not everyone knows what this phrase means to Penn Staters, so let’s provide some historical background. The phrase is iconic for Penn Staters, especially at football games.

Are We Penn State blue band?

We Are! For more than 100 years, the Blue Band has exemplified the spirit of Penn State through its trademark drills and soaring instrumentals. The band’s reliable precision and unmistakable sound is indelible in the mind and heart of every Penn Stater, but the band’s ability to bring people together is what truly sets it apart. Penn State!

What is the Penn State fight on state song?

Fight On, State was shared with the Music Department at Penn State in 1933. It is played by the Blue Band after every touchdown. The song slows down, then pauses for the football team to score a field goal, and then if the field goal is successful it continues playing again.

Is the fight song similar to the Washington Post March?

This phrase in the fight song is actually remarkably similar to the intro to the Washington Post March. Both have a similar chromatic melody, and both resolve on the third repeat through, although the Washington Post March is significantly slower than the fight song. Give it a few listens and you might notice this too.

Why give to the blue band?

For the Future. For The Glory. With your support, the Blue Band can continue to ‘raise the song’ as a beacon of Penn State pride, tradition, and excellence. To learn about ways to support the Blue Band visit our Giving page.