Does Seoul have gay clubs?

The epicenter of international gay nightlife in Seoul is found at the famous Homo Hill in Itaewon, just a short way from the subway station. More gay bars and most of the gay clubs in Seoul are found here with most spots open late. Dance parties rarely get going before 2 am here.

Where do foreigners hang out in Seoul?

Itaewon. Of course, being expat central, Itaewon is an extremely popular area for expats to meet. Foreigners living in Korea either live in the Itaewon area or they come there often for the international cuisine, the nightclubs, the bars and the special events like quiz nights and fundraisers.

Where is the party district in Seoul?

The main areas for clubs in Seoul are Itaewon, Hongdae and Gangnam. Also, major hotels like the W Hotel and Hyatt Hotel host many parties and events.

Does South Korea have good nightlife?

South Koreans may study and work some of the longest hours in the world, but they know how to play hard, too. As a result, Seoul has one of the most dynamic nightlife scenes in Asia, making it an ideal destination for party animals and night owls…if they can keep up with the locals, that is.

Can foreigners go clubbing in Seoul?

Things to know before clubbing in Seoul Some clubs deny entry to foreigners for no particular reason. If you’re unlucky enough to be rejected, move on to one of the many other clubs in the area. If you can read Korean, use NAVER or Kakao Maps to navigate to your club – it’s much more accurate than Google Maps there!

How much is clubbing in Korea?

The average cost of cover is KRW10,000 (~S$12.50) to KRW 30,000 (~S$37.50). If you go before midnight, entry fees are usually discounted. Some clubs let foreigners in for free, but you should check their Facebook page.

How expensive is clubbing in Korea?

What do you wear to a bar in Korea?

Standard dress rules still apply; ladies should avoid open-toed shoes, and gents shouldn’t wear shorts. If you’re clubbing during winter, you’ll see many Korean girls dressed in short skirts and barely-there leggings.

Can foreigners go clubbing in Korea?

Bring your passport and check the club’s age limit. If you’re not Korean, bring your passport. Clubs are quite particular and will not accept foreign ICs or car licenses as IDs. You have to be at least 19 years old.

What age can you go clubbing in Korea?

What is the clubbing age in Seoul, Korea? The legal drinking age in South Korea is 20 years old in Korean age. This is also the age that you have to be to enter most night clubs in Korea.