Does Shoreham station have parking?

Shoreham by Sea Station – Car Park Information Please drive into the car park and park within an available space. Exit Procedure: Please return to vehicle and follow signs to the car park exit.

How much is parking at Shoreham?

Off-street parking

Location Operator Price
Shoreham By Sea Railway Station Adur District Council £4.40 / day
Tarmount Lane Adur District Council £0.50 / 30 minutes
Pond Road Adur District Council £0.50 / 30 minutes
Middle Street Adur District Council £0.50 / 30 minutes

Does Shoreham station have gates?

Step Free Access Note: This is a Category B1 station: Step-free access to both platforms via separate entrances. Access between platforms via street and level crossing. Assistance Meeting Point is the Ticket Office.

Do I have to pay apcoa?

Do I have to pay a APCOA Parking UK PCN? The simple answer is “No”. Only a judge can order you to pay a parking charge notice.

Does Shoreham have a short platform?

It is 5 miles 69 chains (9.4 km) down the line from Brighton. Both platforms can handle trains with up to 12 coaches….Shoreham-by-Sea railway station.

2017/18 1.235 million
2018/19 1.317 million
2019/20 1.372 million
2020/21 0.418 million

Does Shoreham by Sea Station have barriers?

Shoreham-by-Sea’s quaint station buildings are just off Station Approach, and have a ticket counter, ticket machines and a waiting area. Ticket barriers lead through to platform 2, and a subway links to platform 1, which is home to the station cafe and additional ticket machines.

How do I appeal for apcoa parking?

Appeals should be made in accordance with the terms and conditions of parking. Please provide the Excess Charge Notice / Parking Charge Notice / Penalty Notice reference number and your vehicle registration with your appeal.

Can I use Oyster card at Shoreham?

To navigate, press the arrow keys….Ticket buying & collection.

Oyster Topup No
Prepurchase Collection Yes
Smartcard Topup Yes
Ticket Machine Yes
Penalty Fares: Applicable Operators: Southeastern