Does Smith Mountain Lake have cabins?

In addition to a full range of water related activities, including swimming, fishing and boating, the park offers miles of hiking trails, housekeeping cabins, camping, picnicking, a visitor center and interpretive programs. The park has 20 cabins; 19 have two bedrooms and one has three bedrooms.

Can you swim in Smith Mountain Lake?

A: SML is safe to swim in, except near geese, ducks, water fowl, and farm animals – and sometimes following heavy rainfalls that create runoff from farm land or disturb sediment on the lake bottom.

Is Smith Mountain Lake dog friendly?

Smith Mountain Lake State Park, VA is a popular family and dog-friendly park. The main beach area, you can park at is a sandy beach, that offers lifeguards in season.

Where is Smith Mountain Lake?

Located in central Virginia along the Blue Ridge Mountains, Smith Mountain Lake is equidistant from Roanoke and Lynchburg. The lake is a short 4-hour drive southwest of Washington D.C. and two hours north of Raleigh, NC.

What celebrities live on Smith Mountain Lake?

Sissy Spacek, Joe Montana, Tom Cruise: Rumor has it that these celebrities have or have had homes on Smith Mountain Lake.

How much are the cabins at Smith Mountain Lake?

Best Vacation Home Deals Smith Mountain Lake 348 welcoming accommodations from 15 partner websites are available in Smith Mountain Lake, from $140 per night.

Are there sharks in Smith Mountain Lake?

During some of his deeper ocean dives, Smith said he has seen a variety of sea life, such as sharks, tuna and squid. Smith said he did not see anything unusual during his dives at the lake.

Where can I take my dog at Smith Mountain Lake?

Smith Mountain Lake State Park

  • Park Rule: On Leash.
  • Restroom: Yes.
  • Park Size: Large.
  • Small Dog Area: No.
  • Fee: $5.00.

Is Smith Mountain Lake nice?

It’s Super Friendly. The Smith Mountain Lake community is hands down one of the friendliest places you’ll ever visit, and residents take every opportunity to show it off. And even though the lake encompasses 500 miles of shoreline, it feels like one giant family.

Is Smith Mountain Lake drying up?

In the early 21st century, the lake levels diminished due to a prolonged drought in Southwest Virginia and the geology that makes up the bottom of the lake. In October 2008, the lake receded to a pond status, and remained mostly or completely dry until refilling in 2020.

What is the elevation of Smith Mountain in Virginia?

Elevation: 2038 feet, 621 meters.