Does the whitening pen work?

Teeth-whitening pens can be effective, yes. You can often see a visible difference in the color of your teeth as soon as you use the pen. However, the effects aren’t permanent. A teeth whitening brush or pen works by essentially applying a layer of bleaching gel to your teeth.

How long does it take teeth whitening pens to work?

Whitening pens take from 2 days up to a week. They provide minimal results that are usually not long-lasting. Whitening pens are small, plastic tubes containing whitening gel that are transportable and used for spot stain removal.

Can I use a whitening pen everyday?

The brand also has a whole line including strips and toothpastes for all of your whitening needs. They recommend using the teeth whitening pen twice a day for 14 days for best results.

How long do you leave a whitening pen on your teeth?

We recommend applying to your front 6-8 teeth, as the back teeth will not be noticed. For flash treatment, hold a smile for 60 seconds, and then relax. Or, for tougher stains, wear for 15-30 minutes. Then, simply brush off with a toothbrush or cloth several hours later.

Do whitening pens damage teeth?

Two studies looked at the effect of whitening pens on enamel, dentin and dental fillings. They found no significant negative effects. You might wonder how a teeth whitening pen affects your existing dental work. The thing to know about all peroxide whiteners is they do not work on dental restorations.

Do you rinse after whitening pen?

After a thorough brushing, remove the top cap of the pen and twist the bottom of the pen until you see the gel on the brush tip. Then, apply a thin layer of whitening gel to each tooth’s surface, making sure the entire tooth’s surface is in contact with the whitening gel. Finally, don’t rinse.

Do whitening Pens damage teeth?

Do I brush my teeth after whitening pen?

We recommend that with any form of whitening that teeth are brushed beforehand. This is to ensure that any plaque (this sticky surface layer on your teeth) is removed and that any whitening agent present in the strips or gel gets the closest contact with the teeth.

Do I rinse after whitening pen?