How can I find a company by TIN number?

An individual can click on the ‘Dealer search’ option on the respective state’s Commercial Tax Department, enter the TIN number and click on the ‘Search’ button. The dealer’s name, address, license status and PAN will be displayed.

How can I know my CST TIN number?

How to check whether a TIN / CST Number is genuine?

  1. Search the TIN number (All India)
  2. Search the CST Number (All India)
  3. Verification of Forms (Form C, F, EI & E II)

Can I get TIN number online?

Online TIN Application for Employees Can Only Be Done by the Employer. The only way to get your new TIN for employees is via your employer. They are the only ones who can do this. This can be done by creating an account in BIR eReg here.

What is CST tax number?

Central Sales Tax (CST) is an indirect tax, origin based tax on customers and is payable in the state where a particular product is sold. CST is charged only on inter-state transactions and any transaction within a state or import/export of goods does not fall under its purview.

What is this TIN number?

Taxpayer Identification Number – TIN or Taxpayer Identification Number is an 11 digit numeric code which is mandatory for traders or dealers who participate in transactions which attract VAT. All businesses which participate in interstate trade are expected to have a TIN.

Can I find my TIN number online?

How To Recover TIN Number (Lost or Forgotten) Online Using the BIR Mobile TIN Verifier App. In early 2021, the Bureau of Internal Revenue launched the Mobile Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) Verifier app1 to provide taxpayers with a convenient way to recover or verify their TINs.

What if you lost your TIN number?

So, if you have forgotten what your TIN is, do not apply for a new one! Simply call BIR trunkline at (02) 981-8888. You need to provide the BIR personnel on the line with pertinent information like your complete name and birthday before you are given your lost TIN.

Where can I get TIN ID?

As proof that you’re a taxpayer and a responsible member of society, you can request a Tax Identification Number (TIN) ID from your nearest Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) branch.