How can I get admission in Sust?

SUST Admission Requirements 2021-22

  1. Students who have passed the HSC examination held in 2019 or 2022 and the SSC examination held in 2017 or 2018 will be able to participate in the admission test.
  2. A Unit: To apply for this unit, you need to have a total GPA of 3.00 and a total of 6.50 in both HSC and SSC exams.

How many seats are there in Sust?

Departments Under A Unit

Group Departments Number of Seas
Group 1 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BMB) 35
Forestry and Environmental Science (FES) 55
Group 2 Architecture (ARC) 30
Total Number of Seats = 955 + 30 = 985

Is calculator allowed in Sust admission test?

Examinees are only allowed to take calculators with them at the exam halls.

Is Sust a good university?

In 2016, SUST ranked as the top research university in Bangladesh (610th in the world) by Scopus-SCImago institution ranking. In 2019, it ranked 337th in Asia and 610th in the world among 3,471 higher educational institutions. SUST ranked at 445th for research and 493rd for innovation in the world.

Who is the VC of Sust?

Farid Uddin AhmedShahjalal University of Science and Technology / Vice-chancellor

How many seats does Comilla University have?

Comilla University

Motto For better Education
Administrative staff 24 (First Class Officer)
Students 7055 (According to CoU official website)
Location Cumilla , 3506 , Bangladesh
Campus 244.19 acres (50 acres in Salmanpur & 194.19 acres in Rajarkhola) Kotbari, Cumilla

Which subject is best in SUST?

SUST is the most famous Science & Technology University in Bangladesh. It has great value in Bangladesh….SUST B Unit Subject List.

Group Department Seats
Science Statistics(STA) 70
Geography & Environment (GEE) 25
Life Science Foresty and Environmental Science(FES) 50
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology(GEB) 30

What is the full meaning of SUST?

SUST. Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (Bangladesh)

Which calculator is allowed in HSC exam in Bangladesh 2021?

The Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board also said programming calculators are not allowed as the students can use only general scientific calculators.

Is calculator allowed in mist?

Examinees are requested to bring only Admit Card, non-programmable calculator and writing materials in the examination hall. No candidates will be allowed to the examination premises without Admit Card. Any kind of bags, cell phones, electronic gadgets, reading materials etc.

Why SUST students are protesting?

The agitation against the Sust authorities began after Begum Sirajunnesa Chowdhury Hall students’ demands for better quality food in the dining room and a cut in the prices of canteen foods were rejected by the dormitory’s Provost Zafrin Ahmed. Students started protesting demanding Zafrin’s resignation on January 13.

What does Sust stand for?


Acronym Definition
SUST Sudan University of Science and Technology
SUST Superconductor Science and Technology (journal)
SUST Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (Bangladesh)
SUST Scandinavian Urban Studies Term