How can I get FICCI membership?

The following documents are required along with the filled membership form:

  1. Duly filled in application form , click here to download.
  2. Cheque / DD / NEFT.
  3. Company Profile.
  4. CEO Profile.
  5. Mandatory Declaration on Co’s letterhead signed & stamped, (Format, click here to downlod)

What is FICCI membership?

Complimentary Membership of FICCI B2B Portal. ( Services through others allied bodies of FICCI: ATA Carnet, Consumer Care, CIFTI, CSR, FLO, ICA, ICC India, RCM, FQF, Exhibitions and Incl. Inclusive Governance Council, Disaster Management, Corporate Governance etc.

How many members does FICCI have?

Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry

FICCI’s Logo
Abbreviation FICCI
Area served Worldwide
Services Business promotion, networking, policy reforms
Members over 250,000 companies

What is full form of FICCI?

Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & IndustryFederation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry / Full name

How do I become a member of Nasscom?

Enrollment Process

  1. Fill the Application Form.
  2. Calculate Membership Fee.
  3. Attach the necessary documents.
  4. Submit Form.
  5. NASSCOM will review and approve.
  6. Pay the applicable fee.
  7. Enjoy NASSCOM Membership.

How do you become a member of Assocham?

Sign Up

  1. First Name *
  2. Last Name *
  3. Job title *
  4. Organization *
  5. Email id *
  6. Password *

What is FICCI award?

FICCI Award 2020-21 FICCI Awards are given to institutions that set benchmarks in higher education space. For a college with its legacy rooted in philanthropy and social vision the award has come as a complement to the institution’s saga.

Can NASSCOM blacklist employees?

Your question: Is it true that some IT companies may blacklist you in nascom nsr if you abscond. Answer: Yes they may blacklist you. Also they could carry out disciplinary proceedings against you and pass orders in respect of that.

What is NASSCOM certificate?

N.A.S.S.C.O.M Assessment of Competence (N.A.C) 2008 N.A.C. was launched as an industry standard assessment and certification program to ensure the transformation of a “trainable” workforce into an “employable workforce” hence creating a robust and continuous pipeline of talent for the BPO sector.

Who is the CEO of ficci?

Sangita ReddyFederation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry / CEO

Who is secretary general of Ficci?

Dilip Chenoy

Dilip Chenoy
Born 22 June 1958 India
Nationality Indian
Alma mater Delhi University
Occupation Secretary General of FICCI

What are the benefits of FICCI start-up membership?

Through the FICCI Start-up Membership, the initiative provides an extensive benefits package including but not limited to; connecting with FICCI Corporate Members, mentorship by industry experts, direct connect to the Indian Angel Network, access to soon to be launched FICCI-IAN Social Venture Fund, Access to FICCI Innovation and Start-up progra…

What is FICCI C-Tech?

Established in 2007, FICCI C-TECH runs on the three pillars of Innovation-Entrepreneurship-Impact, providing a platform and institutional framework to Indian innovators and entrepreneurs, helping them convert their ideas into businesses.

What is the FICCI for start-ups initiative?

The FICCI for Start-ups initiative, launched by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), aims to provide a voice to start-ups in India.


10% to general members on Delegation Fee (applicable only on the fee component charged by FICCI) FICCI-CMSME members can access a world of opportunities. Our proactive approach focuses to empower your enterprise, increase efficiency and build your competitiveness: Free consultation & Faster availability of credit & finance @low cost